[Archive] Engines of War


This my idea for a mount for a Chaos Lord. For the model imagine a petinent engine with a Chaos Dwarf and some extra guns. I was thinking that maybe smaller versions could also have slaves wired in them. Well he doesn’t actually mount it I guess, merely becomes it…

I was hoping maybe you could play-test it, see what it’s like.


5 6 5 5 4 6 1 5 10

Weapons & Armour

Scything Blades

Armour Plating (4+ AS)


May be given shoulder blasters at +25pts

May swap one scything blade for repeating shotgun +20pts

May purchase extra armour for +9pts

Special Rules:

Immune to Psychology


Drugged: The engine will never break from combat.


Scything Talons: -2 to AS

Extra Armour: +1 AS

Shoulder Blasters: Range:18", Strength 4, x2 multiple shots

Repeating Shotgun: Flame Template, Artillery dice" is added to the distance, S3, x3 multiple shots.

Itzi-Bitzi :

Chaos Dwarf Engine MKIII

Point: 500

Engine: M WS BS S T W I A LD

4 5 6 4 5 6 1 5 10

Special Rules: Deoman Bound,

Untold Age, Terror

Daemon Bound

�?o Each engine is powered by a Greater

Daemon of Chaos, it rage powering the

Grand machine, however the soul of

the Daemon is always trying to take

control of the machine, so the the engine

seer mounting it must fight to control it…�?�

Each Turn Roll on the Daemon Bound Table:

Roll 1D6

1- The engine is cannot move that turn of

commit any other action.

2-3 The Engine gains the Frenzy Rule

4-5 The engine now has the frenzy & Hatred


6-All attacks have the killing Blow!

Untold Age

�?o Each engine is created and custom built for a

dwarf lord who orders the seers to create weapons

never seen before, due to there age ad different

manufacturing improvements each engine has

unique engine & weapons �?�

The Engine may have two arm weapons in addition

to two shoulder. For each weapon choose a normal

weapon from the rule book selection, and roll on

the following tables. Note: If Close combat weapon

get 3-4 on stage 2 or 5-6, 3-4 on stage three may

re-roll dice. Do at star of game.

Chaos Dwarf Weapons:

Chain Sword

�?o The engine is equipped with a a massive chain saw,

used like a great sword, its buzzing chain cleaving

through all its foes�?�.

All Weapons Only. No armour save, +1 strength

Causes D3 wounds.

Gatling Gun

�?o This incredible contraption feed bullets into the

main chamber, firing many a shot, but alas, it takes

along time to reload�?�.

Shoulder & Arm. 5X Multiple shot at Strength 4

Range: 36�?�


�?oThis is a Massive blunderbuss, big and heavy with

loads of nails, kitchen sinks and lead piled into one


Shoulder & Arm. May be fired while in close combat,

D6 hits D6 strength D3 wounds


�?oThe Engine is equipped with a artillery piece

capable of blowing away Anything in its path�?�.

Shoulder Only. Fire like a cannon form the

warhamer rule book.

Range: 34�?�


D3 wounds

Forging Table

Warp Up

1-: Nothing

2-: +1 to hit

3-: May re-roll-roll hit

4-: Flaming Attacks

5:- Poisoned Attacks

6-: Poisoned on 5+

Forging Table

Final Stage

1-: Nothing

2-: Killing Blow

3-: re-roll to wound

4-:Killing Blow

5-: Poisoned on 4+

6-: Killing Blow on 5+