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I am making a new army using the new indy book and I’m debating how to equip some Chaos Dwarf Warriors.  My insticts tell me to give them great weapons and be done with it but I’ve always been a fan of spears so a spear + shield option to fight in two ranks appeals to me.  But it just seems so un-dwarfy (or maybe it seems too elfy?).  Have other folks tried the spear option and is it worth the points?  I know regular dwarves “win by not losing” and I’m not expecting an extra rank of ST3 attacks to slaughter the enemy but it seems like it could be a valid option to lose the hand weapon&shield save bonus for the extra attacks.


I have also the indy list, it’s the best for me;).

The best idea is simple: put they shields and hand weapons, this is good for figth other enemies.

But, if you have a lot of points, you can put they a chaos armos and another hand weapon ;).

Also, dwarfs(chaos and regular) are more deffensive than others armies, so spears are a good option too.

Great weapons???Don’t put they that’s abobination please. They have less armour save than the other options, well, dwarfs(regular and chaos) haven’t got the best Iniciative, and the are, in the more casses, are charged .But dwarfs(regular and dwarfs) are good enemies, good armour and best resistance, soo eniemies do all that they troops can do for defeating them . They armour are for dwarfs(regular and chaos) one of their good points soo…Keep it up!!!

Da Crusha:

I would go ahead and equip them with spears, and maybe even chaos armour too, that way if their making you feel elfy you can lay on the armour and feel like a real dwarf again :D. this is actually a unit that I am in the process of converting… well at least I have the parts.


Handweapon shield is a good option, with their S3 they wont do much damage but the save is best, good for winning the combat (your characters will do the damage, the unit just stays alive and you’ll win). Tis is the cheapest option and its not a bad one. You could even increase their staying power with chaos armour but that will cost extra points.

Additional handwerpons will give them more attacks but will lower their save by 2 in combat, also the attacks are still only S3. you could also give them Chaos armour to improve the save, but they would still also need the shields against shooting/magic attacks.

Great weapons have the same dis advantage as additional handweapons, yous save is only 5+ (in stead of 3+) but at least they hit at S5 so their chances at doing damage increases ten fold. works good for smaller supporting units or you go for the all expensive chaos armour shield greatweapon option, gives you a lot of options on the battle but soaks up a ton of points.

spear + shield (a bit un dwarfy but its a slaver weapon so it kinda makes sense) is kinda a middle way option. the save is better (4+ with heavy armour) and you get the extra rank of S3 attacks. and when fighting high strength opponents with high save you can still fight handweapon + shield.

As I havent played the Indy list jet I always go for option one. the unit is just static combat res and the characters do some damage.

but If I start playing the Indy list I could be tempted to take option 3, fully beefed so chaos armour shield and greatweapon.

hope this helped.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Think about what you want to do with this unit and how you want it to look.

If you follow the RH list, CD Warriors are allowed 3 options : Hand Weapon + Shield, Great Weapon and Blunderbuss. All of the original CD models from 5th edition were usually found carrying either a Blunderbuss or an Axe and Shield. this is their “Look” as devised by Games Workshop, and that “look” has stayed.

However, if you want to change that “Look” for a hand weapon that is different for them, that’s up to you.

With that being said, “Hand Weapon” does give you a lot of flexibility.

Turning to page #54 of the 7th edition rule book, we find that “Hand Weapons” can include Swords, Axes, Clubs, Maces, etc. It can also include Spears, Lances or Halberds. Page #56 gives details into what each weapon can do.

Have you considered using Morning Stars? You can find them in a box of Tomb Kings Warriors and there is a spiked ball in the Skaven Plague monks box as well.

Here’s a picture of one of my Warriors with a Morning Star :

Also, here’s another idea that most people don’t consider - PISTOLS. (Counts as hand weapon as well as a missle weapon.)

Not only that, but if you have a brace of pistols (2), they give you a double shot in the missle weapon stage as well as counts as two hand weapons in the close combat phase. They are also armour piercing as missle weapons, something that the Blunderbuss isn’t. Only drawback is that you must be 8" away from your enemy.

Heavy Weapons are usefull for a “Demolition Team” on large objects, such as a Stegadon.

Da Crusha:

tarrack: umm I really dont think you are using the weapon rules correctly. you can do it any way you want I suppose, the way it is typically done is if a weapon is a hand weapon it cannot be any other type of weapon such as spears lances or halberds because it is a hand weapon. so spear and shield would not get the parry bonus because spears are not hand weapons. also you cannot convert a model to wield a morning star and claim you get the morning star bonus because you are not paying for that bonus nor does the army have the option to carry one. you may on the other hand convert the models any way you like and then make sure your opponent knows that they are just hand weapons. traditionally this is how the rules are interpreted. on the other hand I suppose you can make house rules and use the models wysiwig (What You See Is What You Get) and allow models to use the weapons that they are wielding…

Alan the evil:

IMHO dwarf warriors are better with H/a and shield and usually I spend point for more models…

It’s better to have always 3 ranks and number, other than the standard, to win a HtH combat: we have WS 4 T 4 and 3+ AS… it’s very difficoult to loose!!

If you need some attack with high strenght you can put into the unit a chaos/BC hero…

i.e. (this is an idea for indy book) i thought something like this:

22 warriors with h/a and shield, full command,  a deamonsmith and BC BSB with choas armor, enchanted shield and sword of might


22 warriors with h/a and shield, full command, war banner, a deamonsmith and BC lord with armor of gazrak and axe of zazrakh

I put them in the centre with 2 unit of slaves on the side.

it works very much!!