[Archive] Eruption guns

Mr Saturday:

Can they move and fire?

Da Crusha:

yes, they can. no where in there description or in the deamonic engine description does it say that they cannot move and fire.

Glimpse the Void:

This option doesn’t appear worthwhile on paper. What has experience shown you guys? I have to admit, that it’s an excellent modeling opportunity and seems very characterful.


Yeah, never played one, but I have converted two of them, anyone had success with them?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Do you guys usually move the heavy guns in a game?

I usually leave mine where I place them until the end of the game.


The eruption guns are actually great! they count as deamons and have done almost as much damage in hand to hand as in ranged combat, I always take one with each legal unit. They are well worth the 45 points or whatever they are! And with their limited range I do usually close with them… but I too thought they were move or fire… hhhmmm, if they aren’t then they are even more worth it!!

Mr Saturday:

I’ll certainly be taking one or more. They have annoyance value, and are great redirectors.

Glimpse the Void:

I am pretty sure you can move when you shoot them, but that has them hitting on 5’s in most situations right? I suppose 45 points is not so bad if you can get in there heads, or redirect a unit. I think it is interesting that they don’t have to stick with the unit bought them for, this suggest a lot of flexibility.