[Archive] Escalation League (1500)

The Gib:

Played in the fourth game of out local escalation, and once again the Chaos Dwarves shined.  Below are the army lists and report

Chaos Dwarves

Daemonsmith - Enchanted Shield, Power Stone, Level 2 (Death)

Daemonsmith - Charmed Shield, Dispel Scroll, Level 2 (Death)

11 Infernal Guard - Fireglaives, Musician, SB (Gleaming Pennant)

11 Infernal Guard - Fireglaives, Musician, SB

2x Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Magma Cannon

6 K’Daai Fireborn - Manhunter

5 Wolf Raiders - Musician, Wolf Boss, Spears


Don’t have the exact list, but this is pretty close

Captain of the Empire - Barded, Lance

Battle Wizard - Level 2 (Metal)

Battle Wizard - Level 1 (Fire)

10 Inner Circle Knights - Lances, 1+ saves

10 Knightly Orders - Lances, 2+ saves

20 Crossbowmen

20 Crossbowmen

2 Cannons


Terrain setup:

From my left to right - Forest on his side, fence in the middle, Bane Stone in the center off to the right, a river that ran fro my side to his, Acropolis of Heroes.  The river and Acropolis did not matter as we never got near them.  


CD Left to Right: Wolf Raiders - DRL - IG(GP) - Magma Cannon - IG - DRL - K’Daai.  The Daemonsmiths were placed behind each IG unit each within 3" of a DRL and both within 3" of the Magma cannon

Empire my left to right: Inner circle knights on far left - Crossbowmen w/fire mage - cannons and mortar - crossbowmen with metal mage - knightly order

Turn 1

(forgot to vanguard the wolf raider)


Moves up both knight units.  Magic kills a couple of IG.  Shoots his crossbowmen into the two units of IG and kills 2 from one unit and 0 from the other.  Shoots mortar at the Magma cannon but fails to wound. shoots cannons at the IG and kills 2 more.

Chaos Dwarves:

Move wolves up max speed and angle them so that when they are charged by the inner circle knights an overrun will take them off he table. Magic was uneventful.  Moved up the K’Daai slightly to stay at mas charge range from the knights.  Fire Magma cannon at the crossbowmen, kills about 6.  Both DRL fire at the crossbowmen, one misses and the other kills another 4.  

Turn 2

Empire: Charges Inner Circle Knights into the wolf raiders.  Moves up knights slightly to try and stay at a tough charge range for me.  Magic and shooting same as before, kills another 3 and puts a wound on one of the wizards.  Can’t remember exactly how but the Magma cannon took two wounds.  The inner circle knights wipe out the raiders with no casualties and pass Ld test to reform to face the DRL.  

Chaos Dwarves:

K’Daai charge the knights.  Magic cast soulblight on inner circle knights, then cast doom and darkness on Inner circle knights.  Opponent tried to dispel D&D but failed to.  Fired DRL at Inner circle and killed one, but he passed his Ld test of 6.  Continued to fire the other DRL and Magma Cannon at the crossbowmen whittling them down.  K’Daai were monsters against the knights.  Killed 5 and took no wounds back.  The knights fled and the K’Daai chased them down.  Unfortunately this caused me to face the wrong way.  

Turn 3


Chose not charge in the Inner Circle to my IG while D&D and Soulblight were on them.  Magic had the Empire throwing all spells on K’Daai, even though they go 2+ saves.  At this time I remembered the Burning Bright rule and rolled twice for round 2 and 3, passed them both.  Crossbowmen and one cannon poured into the K’daai, killed one and put a wound on another.  Mortar fired at the Magma cannon and killed off the last wound.  

Choas Dwarves:

Rotated the K’Daai to face the crossbowmen and hide behind them from the rest of the army.  Moved up the IG so that the cannons could hit either them or the wizards.  Magic was no good.  Fired the Magma Cannon at the Inner circle knights and forced a panic test, They still have D&D on them, and they fail and run off the table.  I don’t think my opponent knew that one did not not go away on my magic phase.  Continued to fire the cannons at the crossbowmen and the Empire Cannons.  

Turn 4


Magic fired all dice at the K’Daai, killed one.  Fired crossbowmen at the K’Daai, no damage, and the other artillery at the IG.  

Chaos Dwarves:

Charged the K’Daai into the crossbowmen, at this point we knew the game was over, because I was just going to run down his line, which is what happened.

K’Daai were the bosses of the day.  My opponent was timid with his knights, which I think cost him a lot.  

Victory Points

Chaos Dwarves - 1675

Empire - 225

Goltor Lintrepide:

I’m very happy to see you had success with the fireborn! Those guys can win a game if they are well used. Thank you for sharing!