[Archive] Escalation league (900) second game

The Gib:

First Game

Played the second round of our local escalation league last night. Went much better than I expected. Lists and battle report below.

Chaos Dwarves

Daemonsmith - LVL 2, Dispel Scroll, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone

10 Infernal Guard - SB, Banner of Discipline

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats - Bows

3 Bull Centaurs - Full Command

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Magma Cannon

5 Wolf Raiders - Spears


Warlock Engineer - Warp-Energy Condenser, Dragonbane Gem

Warlord - Sword of Swift Slaying, Warpstone Armor, T of Preservation

27 Skaven Slaves - Pawleader

38 Stormvermin - Banner of Superiority, Champion, Ratling Gun

Warp-Lightning Cannon

14 Giant Rats - Packmaster

Scenario was Dawn Attack and we did not use any terrain. I think this was a miscommunication between us and the league organizer, but in the end it probably helped us both. CD won the first turn and setup first. I thought Dawn Attack was going to screw me because I was afraid of not getting my cannons near the wizard and not having anything in front to protect them. CD setup turned out very well. Right flank had the hobgoblins. Middle next to the right flank had the Bul Centaurs. Middle near the left flank had the IG, Magma Cannon, Wolf Raider and Daemonsmith. Left flank had the DR. Skaven setup, from my point of view, was Slaves with the WE in the center/left, WLC and Giant rats on my left, Stormvermin with warlord and RG on my right.

Wolf Raiders Vanguard up 12" to be within 13" of WLC and Giant Rats. Skaven roll a 5 to take first turn.

CD Turn 1

Centaurs move up slightly. Wolf Raiders okay on animosity, move up to march block Giant Rats and keep WLC in from arc. Hobgoblins move up to get bows in range of Stormvermin. Magic gets 6 power dice and 4 dispel. Cast 2D6 Fireball on slaves, dispel failed, kills two. Shooting has both cannons fire at the slaves. Magma kills two ranks. Deathshriker deviates but ends up hitting the giant rats. Large template covers whole unit. Kill enough to make the run. Fired the hobgoblins at the Stormvermin but killed zero.

Skaven Turn 1

Everything moves up. Giant Rats run off the board. WLC fires at the Bull Centaurs, which I foolishly showed their flank so he had a straight shot at all three. After al rolling small template landed on the first centaur and covered two models. Fortunately this was only at Strength 2 so no damage.

CD Turn 2

Wolf Raiders roll 6 on animosity and lose one guy. They charge the WLC. No other movement. Forgot to do magic. Both Cannons fire at the slaves once again. Kill a good number but they pass panic tests. Hobgoblins fire at the stormvermin and take out 2. Close combat has the WLC crew doing no damage to wolf raiders. Wolves take one wound off cannon. With the animosity roll of 6 the riders ge +1 to Hit rolls and take out the rest of the cannon.

Skaven turn 2

Everything moves up again. My opponent was considering trying to charge the centaurs, he would need a 12. In the end he moved up slightly to give me a more difficult charge. Magic phase he casts Warp Lightning on my IG and I use the dispel scroll.

CD Turn 3

I continue to roll animosity for my wolf raiders because I forgot if they are below 5 they do not have to. These guys are pretty useless the rest of the game. Hobgoblins march forward to bock the stormvermin from charging the Centaurs. DR pivots to fire at the stormvermin. Magma cannon fires at the slaves and forces them to run. This leaves just the very large block of stormvermin. Fire the DR and score a direct hit. End up killing about 8 of them.

Skaven Turn 3

My opponent remembers he has forgotten to deploy his Ratling Gun. He had it with the stormvermin so I told him to go ahead and do it, if nothing else I was able to avoid two turns of it shooting. Stormvermin charge the hobgoblins, who stand and shoot. Slaves faill to rally move within an inch of board edge. RG takes shots at the centaurs and kills the musician. Hobgoblins kill two more Stormvermin in shooting but none in close combat. The gobos need snake eyes to stay, which they do not. Stormvermin overrun far enough to be out of the centaurs front arc.

CD Turn 4

Centaurs charge the RG, stand and shoot, charge fails. RG misfires, gets all shots at S2, no damage. Chose not to do magic. Both cannons fired at the Stormvermin, killed about a rank or two, but they pass Ld.

Skaven Turn 4

Stormvermin march swift reform and move towards the cannons, behind the centaurs. Slaves fail to rally and run off the board with the wizard. RG takes shots at Centaurs and misfires, missing the centaurs.

CD Turn 5

Centaurs try another charge on the RG, need a 6 and roll a 5. Stand and shoot takes one wound off the SB. Cannons fire at the stormvermin and cause them to run. They end up about 9 inches from table edge.

Skaven Turn 5

Stormvermin do not rally but only move about 3 inches. RG fires at the centaurs, but does no damage.

CD Turn 6

Centaurs finally make the charge on the RG who stands and shoots, misfires, and blows himself up. Cannons fire at the stormvermin and kill all but one vermin and warlord, who takes a wound.

Skaven Turn 6

Fail to rally the vermin and they run within one inch of board edge.

So in the end a decisive victory for the CD, although that one inch kept it from a complete wipeout. I though the deployment was going to screw me over, it ended hurting the sakven. Their big block of fighting guys ended up on the opposite end of the board as the rest of both the armies. The WLC beng placed in front of the Wolf Raiders helped a lot. And I go lucky with my first DR roll that I missed the slaves and hit the giant rats, who would have blocked me from charging the WLC. All in all a good game, developed an real appreciation for the Wolf Raiders. Ended up with only one left because on the last turn I rolled a 6 for animosity and killed three of them. I do love the DR, possibly more than the Magma Cannon, of course I have only played T3 armies so the MC has not had a real chance to shine.

Goltor Lintrepide:

Great battle report! Seems like a lot of fun!


nice work. I enjoyed the read and can’t wait to see how the rest of your league goes!


keep them coming. they make me feel like I’ve actually had a game too.