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I haven’t played chaos dwarves since about 1989 and this site gave me the inspiration to start putting the few I had left back together and start converting up a full army. An escalation league started locally recently and I took that as my opportunity to get it going.

I currently have a record of 5-1-0 through 3 weeks. We are about to move to 1750 points and I had one comment and one question.

Comment: Black Orcs with a hobo hero with the black gem are rock solid. In my 2 1500 point games I used a block of 20 with shields and they basically won the games for me. A unit of 20 CDs with great weapons and the general was always close by to either add Ld or get into melee a turn or two after the BOs. In one game the hobo hero gemed a DE hero on coldone (leading a unit of cold ones), and in the second a tombkings chariot champion. I’m sure many may say that the shield is a waste of points, but I think I will nearly always get charged with them, so taking a 3+ save when charged helps.

Question: I am about to start playing the other high-win-count armies like Wood Elves, Lizardmen, and Flying Bretonnians (~21 Pegasus knights at 1500), and they all have something in common - Flyers.

What is the best way to fend off flying units? I am worried they will all be able to eat into my artillery on the 2nd turn with little to no repercussions from me, or they will be able to roll up my flanks quickly.

Thanks for any comments.

Uzkul Werit:

We don’t actually have that much to deal with flyers. Everything is either too slow (Warriors) or can be flown over (Bull Centaurs). I’d reckon lots of magic to fry the Pegasus Knights or Bolt Throwers as flying calvary don’t get the skirmishing bonus. And remember - earthshakes cut down flying movement too!


21 pegasus knights sounds like a job for 2ES and 8BTS of cheese sauce:o

Tooled up mages and lots of naked hobbos would be a less cheesy feast:hat

Uzkul Werit:

To be honest, if the guy is using that many Pegasus Knights he deserves a full on Chaos Dwarf cheesefest.


Go big on warmachines and ally some DOW Ogre Leadbelchers mwa-hahahahahaha…but then, thats my answer to everything.



Holy mother of God…

Well, if I was you i’d just deploy on the baseline so that his flyers can’t get in behind you and stay put.

As for his normal (i.e. non-flying) Knights just slow them down with Earthshakers and bolt thrower them to death.

If he’s fielding that many Pegasus Knights you pretty much have a licence to field what ever you want, anyway.


To be honest, if the guy is using that many Pegasus Knights he deserves a full on Chaos Dwarf cheesefest.

Uzkul Werit
I couldnt agree more. I faced an army like that once. It wasnt pretty. I might have told the player (who was gloating all the way) a thing or two about fair play after the match.

- Tallhat


Well I would go for the leadbelchers, but at 1750 I can only have 1 rare. I will be stuck with 1 ES, and 4 BTs it looks like.

Speaking of ES affecting fliers - will it cut its flight move to 10inches, or would it only halve its ground movement? I have never heard of something that would affect flight distance before.

Thanks for the encouragement!


ES forces to the unit to move at half rate… it will halve the flight move value as well…