[Archive] Escaped daemon engines


I think so, too… Or, maybe I’ll take the initiative and break out the foam and start cutting!


Here's another idea: Chaos Dwarf Repo Men

When payment doesn't appear after selling a daemonic engine to some Warriors of Chaos, the Dawi Zharr are sent to 'repossess' their property!

A smaller CD 'strike force', including a Daemonsmith, need to sneak into the chaos force's  encampment to the holding pen for the Daemon Engine. After disposing of the wizard controlling the Engine, they need to fight their way out to join the other Dawi Zharr who rank up to assault the encampment.

Ih my Warhammer Quest Chaos Dwarf expansion a number of Adventures in the forthcoming Adventure Book basically have the adventurers operating as Repo Men... some of the adventures setup trade relations with factions of Chaos Warriors, Skaven, even some slave trading with Dark Elves.. but there are related Adventures in the book that tie back in to a couple of those story threads where payment hasn't been received and the Adventurers have to sneak in and steal stuff back, or stage a setup of one race against another, or just kill the leaders who betrayed them.


I’ve been thinking about coming up with a campaign/scenario where the Chaos Dwarfs, either by themselves or through hired mercenary armies (some of whom are unaware of who they are working for) steal elven waystones, which function to channel Chaos energy to be dissipated in Ulthuan’s Isle of the Dead (BRB p202), and instead use the as a way to gather the raw stuff of Chaos for use in the Dark Lands, where slaves toil in black factories and masked sorceror lords summon and enslave great evils from beyond the veil - while others secretly plot and whisper of bringing their Dark God, Hashut, back from the realms beyond to lead the DawiZharr in thier final battle against the other inhabitants of the Old World, and teach the unbelievers the true meaning of darkness…