[Archive] ETC's bans Chaos dwarves


Sadly the first draft of the ETC Army restriction excludes Chaos Dwarves can I encourage players who are involved with their national team to raise this issue with their captains as if enough captains request a vote, they will have to have a vote on whether to include them.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Ahh, another year and another “ETC - we know how Warhammer is supposed to be played” set of rules… Honestly, I voted with my feet years ago. Unless something changes, I will never play in an ETC tournament because I think their rules are far to arbitrary.

I will poke fun at them by saying "what, Chaos Dwarves aren’t allowed because you couldn’t find a way to comp them???"

Grimbold Blackhammer


I Wasnt going this year, going there is fun, but the Warhammer there is the least fun of it all and that is very wrong. But I will instruct the Dutch captain to vote for Chaos Dwarves if possible.

Time of Madness:

The restrictions for ETC events keep getting tighter! Would have been nice to see them allow Chaos Dwarfs.

Time of Madness


Australia will vote for CDs.


I hear the Greek and Italian teams have already had their team Captains replaced by appointees of the central committee.

The Spanish, Portuguese and Irish teams may face the same fate soon.


what is ETC?

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European Team Championship



Clearly none of them are man enough for CDs.

“ETC - we know how Warhammer is supposed to be played” set of rules…  
Exactly. Sigh.


even though they did not allow CD (Damn!) i really like ETC rulepack.

Thommy H:

Given that ETC also bans perfectly legal armies with combinations of units that they’ve arbitrarily decided make for an unbalanced game without actually doing any testing or even thinking about it for longer than maybe eight seconds, I’m not sure this is news.

The Besieger:

The Tamurkhan Chaos Dwarf army list is more legal then

a ETC tournament. :slight_smile:


They really micromanage some armies. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the million alterations they have made to the magic rules.

Reasons against:

Not valid - Unbalanced. ETC can alter it in any way using as many weird nerfs/boosts as they like.

Not valid - Some players won’t have fought against it. You could use that argument for any army! You may as well ban OK and VC since those books are just as new. They didn’t ban TK when hardly anyone played that army.

Not valid - Not GW-proper. It’s FW, which is part of GW. It says inside that it is official. It is sold in GW stores.

Seems that the currect ETC rules are only a draft anyway, so they can be changed.


The ETC is far to serious, In the end of the day it’s still men pushing plastic around.

Warhammer is for fun. Not serious Championships.


The ETC is far to serious, In the end of the day it's still men pushing plastic around.

Right but, who's pushing plastic? I'm pushing METAL! :hat off

Unfortunately even a part of my army is plastic :(


For the record this is only a first draft. There will be a vote up to decide wether CD will be included in the final rules pack, so to speak.


As Satan has sad one of the chairman has indicated there will be a vote on including chaos dwarves so if you know your countries ETC captain now is a good time to let him know how you feel or bribe him lol

richard barby:

i had a player from my countrys etc team stay with me this weekend and his opinon is even if alound notmany teams are going to give them a go even with 15 armys ti pick from and 8 spaces there going to be left out by most

most will go dark and high elves skaven woc doc orges vamps there 8th armys are a pick of empier dwarfs and brets

you wont see many tomb kings beastmen orcs wood elves as well


you wont see many tomb kings beastmen orcs wood elves as well
Maybe you will right. Or not:)
Orcs get many bonus here, with no limitation in unit size for example...
The others armies get bonus too, maybe some teams will play them.

I've asked my captain to let them include CD...


you wont see many tomb kings beastmen orcs wood elves as well

richard barby
With the additional 200 points & 10% VP discounts...
I can see TK & Beastmen being played, easily...