[Archive] Eternal Hatred?


How does this work exactly?

It came up in a game recently, does it work like the DE version of just hatred(everyone) or all terns of combat or what?

As far as I can tell no such rule exists in the main rules.

So yeah, how does this work exactly?


DE Black Gaurd has eternal hatred. Just means you get to reroll in all combat rounds, not just the first.


DEs get re-rolls every round against HEs, otherwise just normal Hatred.

BG don’t have hatred, they have Warrior Elite, giving them re-rolls every round.


Havent read the new DE book, but think that the old DE revision gave Black Gaurd eternal hatred. Things might have changed but I feel 99% certain that eternal hatred gives re-roll’s in all combat phases.

Sorry for being newb and bad at English/spelling :slight_smile:


DE have eternal hatred agaisnt HE. they simply hate the other armies.
here is the case where they simply hate, so rerolls only on first turn.

EDIT: additionally BG do have rerolls each turn no matter the army but that is called warrior elite, has nothing to do with eternal hatred


To summarize, Dark Elves have “Eternal Hatred”.

Same as regular Hatred but you get re-rolls in later turns against High Elf.

Black Guard have both Eternal Hatred and Warrior Elite. The latter giving re-rolls in all situations making the former entirely redundant. Fun stuff.