[Archive] Eternals not so badly photographed chaos dwarfs (Updated with better pics - 13th Jan)


Well thanks to this forum I decided to go for it and start a chaos dwarf army. So far I have 2 BfSP boxes and a few extras and am working my way through them using Xander’s excellent tutorials. I thought I may as well start an army blog to show off what I have done and get feedback and help with it.

The problem is my camera is rubbish…or I’m rubbish at using a camera, either way the pictures I get are not very good. So first of all a desperate plea: does anyone have a Hitachi HDC-57IES digital camera? and if so how the hell do you change the focus on it?

Using that camera this is the best photo I could get:

So at the moment I am forced to use my phone’s camera and this si what I get:

Not great are they? Well if you can manage to make things out that is a picture of my first finished 15 hob goblins. They are just night goblins with the top ponity bit of the hood removed and teh robe painted red. I figured this way they can be both hobbo’s and night gobbo shoulds I ever get round to starting that orc army I’ve been wanting for a while.

Now other than this photo annoyance the other main problem I have been having at the moment is just how the hell to paint chaos dwarfs. Quite a big problem really. First of all a question: how the hell do you paint their beards? So far I have undercoated them black and then painted dashes of shaodw grey followed by aleternating dashed of fortress grey and it looks ok but not great/. Any tips?

Also I have now got to the point where I have 2 colour schemes for the dwarfs but no idea which is better. This is a pic of the first scehem (I hope you can make it out):



Second scheme:



Both together:

So for those of you who can;t see the pictures the first colour scheme is red trim with black/grey scale male, a gold mask and the top of the head painted as bald skin and with the trim of the shield silver. The second scheme is gold trim with red scale male, a silver mask and the entire top of the head painted the same silver to be a helmet and the trim of the shield gold.

Any preferances? I’m leaning towards the first but I’m not sure at all.

Anyway that’s all I got so far. I’m in the process of finishing a unit of hobgobs with bows and a very special lord conversion.

Any feedback is appreciated and if anyone can help with the camra then I’ll love you forvever :wink:

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Kera foehunter:

well i’am no camera person so i can’t help you there!

i say red and gold colors i like the mask


I second red and gold, slavery is a very lucrative trade.

From what i can see they look good. Liking the 'dont ‘urt us’ banner as well. Good job my man


First thing is to see if you have an auto focus and then check your camera for a macro function m8. This will allow you to get nice and close. Also the images look a bit low resolution, so maybe crank up the image quality. These should all be fairly easy to find in the menu.

Second colour scheme :cheers


>1 minute search on this forum :rolleyes:




>1 minute search on this forum :rolleyes:



Yeah but non of that was even slightly helpful. I know how to take a decent picture but just not with this damn camera.

BUT I have found a solution......borrowing someone else's camera. Of course that means updates with pics will have to wait until I canborrow it again but it's better than the blurry pictures.

So here are some better pictures. I'm not the best of painters but I hope they are ok.

Again I will show you the two colour schemes and would like advice as to which is best. Most people seem to like the gold one but is there anything on it that would make it better. For example my girlfriend said that if the shield trim was silver, the mask was gold and the top of the head skin coloured (and rounded off to be less like a cone) then it would be miles better. Also now tat these pictures are clearer you will be able to see my badly painted beards so again any tips on making them look good is appreciayted.

Red/black scheme:



So are these better? And now that you can make themout easier any preferances?

Also here is a better picture of my 15 hobgoblins with command. They just need basing:

and one on his own (with stolen dwarf axe):

Ayy commnets are very welcome.
My death rocket conversion is nearly done and I started work on some hobgob archers recently too so next update should include them.

Thanks for looking.

Kera foehunter:

wow now that s better picture!!

love the hobgoblins nice red

Ghrask Dragh:

Great job on the armour sculpting, lovin the banner :smiley: