[Archive] Ever have one of those times....?


Where you just forget EVERYTHING?

Seems ages ago, that I left Warhammer Fantasy and my Chaos Dwarfs to gather dust. My memory as it were, is rather fuzzy as what I do have and do not have. Turns out most of it is correct, but some may be wrong.

So most of my stuff will be reaching me today, others will come later. More alarming to me however, is the factor that among miniatures of importance, Daemonettes, Black Guard, Tomb Kings, Casket of Souls, Witch Elves and others aside…is that I am missing my Plastic Chaos Dwarves, my Bull Centaurs seem to be missing several, and most importantly to me…over 40 Sneaky Gits, and 10 Hobgoblin Archers…just gone.

I have them being searched for, I know they are there, but still, it is somewhat distressing to me as I have been wracking my brain day and night as to where I could have placed them…and to no avail. I have only feint glimpses or bare memories of OTHER minis and what I did to them, and I sit there grasping at straws, trying to link those to my precious CD Minis. Gods how I loathe my Laziness back then. ~Sighs~

So to say I have been depressed on the matter, foolish as it may seem, goes without saying.

On the upside, I did get a catalog based look on what I DO have confirmed that is getting returned to me from my home down south.


1 Sorcerer Lord on Lammasu

1 Chaos Dwarf Lord on Bull Taurus

1 Chaos Dwarf Lord

1 Chaos Dwarf Hero

2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerors


1 Hobgoblin Hero

1 Hobgoblin Hero on Wolf (I believe, will confirm later)

Core Troops

40 Warriors [Metal]

40 Blunderbusses

20 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

13 OLD, and I mean OLD OLD OLD School Hobgoblin Citadel Miniatures

Hobgobla Khans Old Regiment of Reknown

Special Units

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers with Crew

1 Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket

25 Orc Arrer Boyz

Rare Units

THREE EarthShaker Cannons with Crew :0 (Thought I had two only)

5 Bull Centaurs (Confirmed, though some are in pieces)

What I feel is missing:

15 Bull Centaurs, though I know 5 for certain are missing. I swear I had 15-20 of these.

40 Sneaky Gits ( I swear I am gonna cry if these are gone forever)

Hobgoblin Warriors on Foot. Same as above

Whilst I shouldn’t feel TOO bad about the matter, considering a SIZABLE part of my army is still intact (4000 points by my measure), it is just very frustrating to know somewhere, your army is floating around and cannot be found in it’s entirety.

Just a bit of advice. If you ever think you are going to leave the hobby or if you do, keep everything in one place once you do leave, that way, when you come back, you avoid my nightmare that I am having now. Apparently, though my memory which is the equivalent of Swiss Cheese mixed with a touch of Smoked Gouda says otherwise, I had my Miniatures everywhere…~Sighs~

Just thought I’d share. Sorry…I need to mope. Forgive me. Just…gah…frustrating for me.

Once everything is together as best as possible, I will post pictures of my Army. I had forgotten what I had painted them as but they are sort of an Iron Warriors color scheme if you will. Dark Metallic Black Metal and Gold and Bronze.

I have decided to paint my Hobgoblins as having Red Shirts and to use them as screens. Very fitting I think. :slight_smile:


Bull centaurs and Sneaky Gits are still available from GW mail order (if a little pricey)

Are the red shirts going be like the GW red shirts or the Star Trek red shirts?


Star Trek red shirts, of course!!!

After all, I have to have those hobgoblins knowing their rightful place in the Chaos Dwarf order (To suffer a terrible, horrific, agonizing death as I enslave Daemons of all kinds. Army General goes out and hunts down Demons and brings them back to the soul forges for a nice tidy profit)

And aye, thankfully that is there for me to continue purchasing. I can rebuild those if completley lost, though I hope they are not.

Still…40 Sneaky gits…160 Dollars…OUCH.

Same with the Bull Centaurs. But, thankfully due to that, all hope is not lost and that at least is comforting.

Thanks for the heads up.