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ok since I am a goblin fan, and have several goblin armies (all forest goblin, and night goblin, and a small common goblin army (all non painted))

ok so I want to compile a list of all the green skins known to warhammer.


Common/hill goblins

Hobgoblin (of course the best one)


forest goblins

night goblins




Regular Orcs

Black Orcs

Savage Orcs (my favorite)

Thommy H:

Hobgoblins and “mongoblins” are the same thing.


Well there´s a WD article dealing w. even more goblin types back in 6:th edition, including Kobolds & stuff, I don´t remember which issue but there are a few more types than those in your list.


oh do you remember what the cover looked like (if it was the US version) I recently found all my white dwarf dating back to like 170 ish (including some of my brothers too) does not have all though, I am really p*ssed cause I dotn have White Dwarf 260 which has a battle report i want to read :frowning:


There were Dust Goblins, Fire Kobolds, Hill Goblins and Troblagobs (from memory). It was a fan article by Kevin Coleman, don’t think it was ever official but it was pretty good.


They were unofficial rules. They were printed in one of Gav’s Warhammer Chronicals - but the material for the article “Goblin Ecology” came from Kevin. Can’t tell about any US WD though, but you’ll find it’s in UK WD 268 and in the “Warhammer Chronicles 2003”-book.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well there’s albino goblins,mere-goblins,bogarts,one eyed goblins,jungle goblins and more and each one will have a place in my huge goblin army


im sure this is a little off topic but doesent it make sense to you that since greenskins are a fungus that there would be different colors of them not just green ive always wanted to paint a orc army of red or purple orcs

Kera foehunter:

what about pirate gobos and orc.

go to Da warpath site they have them.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Warpath is probably the best place to ask. westerntraitor, it’s your army, paint them as you wish (my hobgoblins are Kammando Khaki for example), but they are all greenskins because they are from the same family of fungus and so share a similar property. Considering they are now following the same livelihood as the 40k orks, they all grow from the same spore and, dependent upon what is needed at the time, they will grow into a particular version of the greenskins. BOs are genetically engineered, so are not necessarily true greenskins, btw.

As for any others, I have some in my mind, but can’t bring them forward, annoyingly. Also, forest goblins, night goblins and hill goblins are common goblins, just they live in different areas and have different beliefs. A savage orc is just a normal orc that has remained primal in the mind, for example.


A single mention of the word “spore” (and not even in relation to reproduction) is not enough to convince me that they are the same as 40k Orcs

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, they’ve been mentioned as spores from space in the Xenology book (and spores again in the O&G book, even if it doesn’t say from space). Not to mention, until late 6th edition, they “copulated”, rather than spawned from spores as fungus (which is how orks have always been).

Kera foehunter:

What about the fanitac gobos or are they just a cult of mushroom eating gobbos

Hashut’s Blessing:

They are night goblins that eat a strength-giving, psychosis-inducing mushroom.


The only mention of spores is in the 7th ed Warhammer rulebook (which is also given as a “probably”, even though it is not in the in-universe style). The O&G book mentions absolutely nothing related. The 6th ed book suggested from the Empire’s view that squigs might be half-fungus, but that is about as close as it goes in Warhammer. Orks can be fungus in 40k for all I care.

There are always mentions of weird coloured greenskins, so I think you could paint them any colours and make up your own names for them.

Hashut’s Blessing:

My apologies for misquoting the O&G book. My friend got huffy about it a few days ago and “read” (wehilst I was there) that they are spores. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Xenology book mentions it…

However, the reference to the possibilty of spores in the rulebook and the mention of half-fungus squigs (perhaps these are greenskins? Despite their red skin, obviously.), as well as the Xenology citation, gives me the impression that they are similar to the orks. That was the point I was making.

I just feel that fantasy and 40k are becoming linked again (particularly when it was mentioned that the Daemon special characters are the same daemons in fantasy as in 40k).

Kera foehunter:

Spour mushrooms what ever . sorry that they are just night gobos with addictions.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not sure why you’re sorry? Thinking about it, Mosk, where you asking for all of the goblinoid races or the varieties within them (such as fanatics, forest goblins etc)?

Kera foehunter:

i think the forest gobo are the coolest At least the old school ones


Heard a rumor that squigs are experiments by tyranids on ork genes. One day orks boarded a ship and found the squigs because they looked “orky”. Is there any truth to that?