[Archive] Evil Great Taurus Tactic


Just thought of this the other day. First get a rear or flank charge on the chosen enemy. But make sure your only touching one model on the edge of the unit and nothing else. This way you have negated rank bounus(US of 5 with lord and taurus think?) and they can only attack back with one model. If you kill one than they get no attacks back at all!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Alas, this is called clipping (which was beardy at the best of times) and is now impossible as you must be in base-to-base contact with as many models as possiblee.


ah the good old days when you could just clip one model, so many happy memories


why cant you do that?


is now impossible as you must be in base-to-base contact with as many models as possible.

Hashut's Blessing

Hashut’s Blessing:

w3rm: It says so in the rule book.

Border Reiver:

A much eviler tactic is to charge in an use the Dark Mace of Death to eliminate every model in base contact, coupled with a unit charging the front that should ensure that you win that fight.


Beard alert! Beard alert! Get the cheese while we’re at it.

The reason why aside from the fact it’s in the rules is because it’s a prime example of “playing the rules” rather then the game.


Ahhhh those were the days; when Giants and Dragons would run in and fight the guy on the corner.

Zombies were by far the worst: a line of zombies in single file appear behind you and conga line into combat, negating your rank bonus and ensuring only 1 zombie is in base contact. This is also illegal now, newly raised units must have a frontage of at least 5.

You can do similar dirty conga line tactics though, for example my Slayers and Miners are fans of reforming into conga line formation, usually just before the Anvil of Doom charges them in :cheers The reform even gets them a bit closer. I believe someone once worked out that a unit of 36 Miners arriving on the table in conga formation can reach any point on the board via an anvil charge :slight_smile: These tactics are pretty silly-looking, (not to mention annoying) so I would only recommend them against someone who deserves it.