[Archive] Exalted Lammasu


As the Great Taurus gets a bigger version…

305 pts

6  3  0 5 6 5 1 2 8
Monster (bale taurus base)

Magic:  An Exalted Lammasu is a Level 2 Wizard and may use spells from either the Lore of Fire, the Lore of Death or the Lore of Shadow.

Special Rules:  Fly, Large Target, Magic Resistance (3), Terror, Magical Attacks

Aura of Darkness:  Monster and rider are -1 to hit in close combat and from shooting.

Upgrade to Lvl 3 for (?) pts.

Mace Tail

Sorcerous Exhalation

Thommy H:

35 points to upgrade to level 3. Cost looks about right - maybe a bit expensive but I guess you based it on the Bale Taurus which I don’t think has been costed with any logic at all anyway!

I’ve developed background and an upgrade option for something like this (called the Ancient Lammasu) in the new version of my book and I did the same thing with the increased magic levels.


In the most recent description of the Lammasu in SOM book, they heavily mention that the Lammasu uses its cunning and magical intellect to influence and control other beasts.

So why not have a rule about monstrous creatures being at some kind of disadvantage while attacking the Lammasu and its rider, or some type of possession or trans-fixation?

I do like the Aura of Darkness, but I feel that the mace tail attack should just be included as an extra profile attack and maybe +1WS or something else like that to represent that this is the upgraded elite version.

I would like to see the bigger and badder Lammasu not only be a slightly more tuned up mount, but also intellectually more advanced and cunning.

Either way though I’m working on a conversion I hope to post in the next month or so depicting my vision of what that would look like.


I dunno, i know the Lammasu isn’t the best fighter out there but I still feel an ‘Exalted’ one should have WS 4. I mean it is blessed by Hashut after all.

I do quite like it. Especially the magic resistance


And get the Magic of Hasut option as well