[Archive] Example of Tauros Guard


As described here.


A WIP prototype.��The first 2 photos show the scale, the second a closer shot.��He still needs work doing, but I think it came together nicely.

The parts used:

Old Chaos Warrior torso

Beastmen legs and head

6th ed dwarf arms.

I love the beastman head, he looks real grumpy. I’m not sure yet what to do for the horns, whether to try and copy that bit of art I did?

Also, for a change I did a second row of beard underneath the front few. Basically it added bulk to it, and all I needed to do was round off the ends and put a little dent in.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That looks REALLY good. If I could find a proper use for them in my army, I’d make some myself. (May just put them as two-on-a-cavalry-base and use as BC)


That’s really cool.

What about the horns? It seems that you have a lot of space on the head and over the shoulders so you could try to fill that with horns larger than those you drew. Something like buffalo horns…

With a smaller base he could be a perfect cd lord “blessed” by hashut!:hashut

:hat off


That looks sweet! Nice job.


I like him a lot! Definitely grumpy, well done. The horns, should you choose to use some, should definitely be smooth and bull-like as Mind said. IE no goat-type horns like the beastmen have. I’m not sure about having a 25mm base in a dwarf army, even for elite units - altho now that I’ve said that I have remembered that CD have orcs in their list…hm, I suppose its not a big deal.


I could make a unit and treat them as Black Orcs. He’s not glued into the base until I see how he looks when done.

The horns will be smooth, but I’m still deciding which ones would be best (if I’m making a unit). A cloak would be ideal as well, so I might add one later on.


Using them as black orcs would be sweet. :slight_smile:

Lord Zarkov:

Looks good

The Flying Beaver:

Definitely an interesting conversion. I’d love to see more of these guys!


Nice model, I think I’ll use the Beastman head idea for my Bull Centaurs


Wow, thats awesome! I’m sorely tempted to tear apart my Beast Army now. Arrgh…no, can’t do it!