[Archive] Fantasy armies for sale. Will make deals


Hey guys Im posting again to sell my fantasy armies. I have won best painted with most of them and Really hate to sell some but I need the money summer taxes are do and Need to pay some bills. I have pictures on my photo bucket. Heres the list

Khorne winter themed beastmen army 3,000 points worth with movement trays and display board $1,400.00

Bretonnian army red and purple themed as a blood knight movement trays this army took 8 months to paint. This army is way kool over 2250 points $2,400.00

Vampire Counts army very well painted heads turn with this army, Well balanced and great to play with. movement trays over 2250 points $2,400.00

Dwarf army mostly BFSP conversions in the army well rounded great fro 8th edition. Over 3,000 points. painted in a white and green theme. $1,200.00 comes with movement trays and a one of a kind display with working water wheel and other buildings that look great on the table can be used for terrain for sure.

Ogres Nurgle themed over 2250 points a lot of custom sculpting one of a kind tyrant. $1,700.00 has movement tray and display board.

http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j169/orclord1_2006/ I have 1,000s of pictures of my work and if you want a custom piece give me a shout. I have time to do some really kool stuff. Email me at timmaccowan@yahoo.com Thanks Orclord


ok paintjobs, bases could do with some work. I dont think you can ask more than RRP.

Best of luck though, I wouldnt ebay right now, January is usually a difficult month for sales.