[Archive] Fantasy Blow Out Sale - W: Big hats or $

Time of Madness:

Have a bunch of stuff I’m looking to unload.  

PLEASE NOTE Items in red have been sold/obtained, thanks.



- Goblin Shaman PIC

- Goblin Big Boss with Club PIC

- Goblin Big Boss with Sword and Shield PIC

- Orc Raider with Torch PIC

- Orc Raider with Pig PIC

- Black Orc Command PIC

- 10 metal Fanatics PIC

- 11 loose metal squigs PIC

- 3 blisters of squigs (9 squigs, 6 herders) PIC

- 9 loose Herders PIC

- 2 Night Goblin Shaman PIC

- 1 night goblin with fists up from animosity orc set PIC

- 2 limited edition blisters night goblin fanatics PIC

- The Chase PIC

- BFSP Night Goblin champ with pet squig PIC

- Night Goblin Boss on giant cave squig PIC

- Night Goblin Big Boss with Sword and Shield PIC

- Night Goblin Big Boss with great weapon PIC

- Night Goblin Big Boss with extra hand weapon PIC

- 20 BFSP night goblin archers PIC

- 8 Squig Hoppers PIC


- 2 metal archer commands PIC



- Halfling scout/cook PIC

- Halfling thief PIC

- 4 Halflings with spears PIC

- 13 Halfling Archers

- 15 Halflings with swords

- 10  Halflings with spears

- 3 Halfling Musicians

- 3 Halfling standards

- 1 Halfling champ


- Organist PIC


- LE Dwarf bsb PIC

- Ungrim Slayer King PIC


PLEASE NOTE Many of the tomb king units/models come with desert king resin bases and movement trays from Base X of War CLICK ME FOR PICTURE OF BASES

- Liche Priest (finecast) PIC

- Tomb King with great weapon (finecast) PIC

- Liche Priest (finecast) PIC

- 32 Skeletons PIC

- 3 Chariots PIC

- 3 Chariots PIC

- 3 Chariots PIC

- 30 Tomb Guard PIC

- 1 Sphinx PIC

- 1 Sphinx/Necro Sphinx PIC

- 3 Necro knights/stalkers PIC

- Casket (finecast) PIC

- book and magic cards (book basically brand new - magic cards still new in wrapper)


- 40 6th edition metal horrors

- 10 metal screamers

- 1 metal lord of change

- New daemon magic cards

- oop daemon army book


- 140+ 20mm square bases PIC

- 17 40mm square bases PIC



- Knarloc Green (3/4 full)

- Asurmen Blue (3/4 full)

- Thraka Green (3/4 Full)

- Gryphonne Sepia (half full)

- Leviathan Purple (3/4 Full)

- Hormagaunt Purple (half full)

- Dhenb Stone (1/4 full and starting to dry)

- Calthan Brown (full)

- Tallarn Flesh (full)

- Mechrite Red (full)

- Khemri Brown (full)

- Dhenb Stone (3/4 full)

- Vomit Brown (full)

- Kommando Khaki (full)

- Vermin Brown (full)

- Bubonic brown (full)

- Snakebite leather (full)

- Fortress Grey (full)

- Graveyard earth (full)

- Ice Blue (half full)

- Tentacle Pink (half full)

- Desert Yellow (half full)

- Elf FLesh (3/4 full)

- Dwarf Flesh (full)

- Golden Yellow (half full)

- Graveyard Earth (1/4 full)

- Mithril Silver (half full)

- Enchanted Blue (half full and starting to dry)

- Dark Angel Green ink (full)

- Tanned Flesh (half full)

- Tin Bitz (full)

- Boltgun metal (half full)

- Catchan Green (half full)

- Chainmail (half full)

- Vomit Brown (full)

- Fortress Grey (half full and starting to dry)

- Black Ink (full)

- Snakebite leather (half full)

- Blood Red (half full and starting to dry)

- Skull White (1/4 full)

- Liche Purple (full)

- Vermin Brown (1/4 full and starting to dry)

- Baal red (half full)

- Chestnut ink (3/4 full)

- Bleached bone ( 3/4 full and starting to dry)

- Skull White (half full)

- Bubonic Brown (half full)

- Magenta ink (half full - old twist top)

- Dark Elf (3/4 full)

- Fortress Grey (half full)

- Scab Red ( 1/4 full)

- Bleached Bone (1/4 full and starting to dry)

- Red Gore (1/4 full)

- Kommando Khaki (1/4 full)

- Scaley Grene (3/4 full but starting to dry)

- Blazing Orange (3/4 full)

- Sunburst yellow (3/4 full)

- Regal Blue (1/2 full)

- Regal Blue (3/4 full)


- CASH via Paypal $$$

- Also could use a couple of hobgoblins or oop big hat chaos dwarfs

- Metal skaven


Time of Madness

Blue in VT:

Hey mate…do you have pics of the other halfling?



Time of Madness:

I haven’t got around to snapping a picture, but they are the imperial GW halflings shown here.


I’m not sure if the numbers are correct either, I’ll do a re-count and snap some pictures of them this weekend.

Time of Madness

Blue in VT:

:hat off

Thanks…the catalog pic will do fine. Would you be willing to sell a single halfling with sword 2 figure? That guy has been avoiding all my attempts at buying him for the last few months. I would also be interested in your best pots of tallarn flesh. Dehneb stone and mithril silver.

I’m in the US.



Blue in VT:

Add gryphone sepia to that list too…


Time of Madness:

Just sent you a PM Blue.

I’m also looking for some metal skaven items.

Time of Madness