[Archive] Fantasy rulebook going digital? But when? Any news?



I dunno where I heard this, but there is a rumor that the Fantasy rulebook will be available for download tomorrow??? And because of that no 9th edition release in 2014.

Anyone else heard/seen/read??

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Yup, that’s the rumor.


Ha good news.

In my experience the odd versions of the rulepacks have always been the crappier ones (I started during 4, it was ok, 5th sucked balls, 6 was super, 7 was a huge downgrade. 8 is awesome! (hordes, always get to strike extra fighting ranks, more focus on the troops not the characters), so 9 will probably be a downgrade as well. no 9th for a while is great news indeed.


And here is the link to where i heard it;)

- YouTube


It’s true. Advertised in this month’s White Dwarf, if I’m remembering correctly.

If I had an ipad, i’d probably buy it, as it’s a lot cheaper and convenient than the hard back version. But if they are releasing a new edition in the coming year, then it does seem like a waste of time to release this now… Other than for the sales :wink:


Anyone know the date? I thought it was today…?


Just thinking, but if they print rulebooks in massive orders it might make sense if they already have it scanned just to switch now until 14th ed and order much smaller quantities.

Not that it would be free of course to produce this digitally, lots of costs already, but cheaper than printing.


I like digital versions. A pdf with links in the file is great and really easy to use. I often search for rules on the net, when something warhammer gets to mind. So always having a rule book on my tablet and in my dropbox would sure be great.

Not sure what I fell about a 9th edition of war hammer. I really like the 8ed rules, just played my first Triumph and Treachery battles too - and it was awesome.

I fear the 9th ed will have too many big monsters in it and too much focus on the big stuff. Seeing how every army is getting bigger and badder stuff in every army book!

In a recent game the Vampire Counts player (how hasn’t played in years) got totally wiped out because he didn’t own the new big stuff. And that left him very vulnerable to the Necrophinx and Frozen High Elf Chicken.


Would be great if our book came out digital also:)


Anyone know a date?

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So they go digital and still will charge $100 for the rulebook, any takes on that bet? :wink:

Thommy H:

It’s out already.

As you can see, it’s £25, so about half the cost of the physical book. However, like “The Rules” download for Warhammer 40,000, it doesn’t come with all the hobby content.


yup, was released the 21th of december!


yup, was released the 21th of december!

But not on the Norwegian Ibooks ;(


yup, was released the 21th of december!

But not on the Norwegian Ibooks ;(

None of the digital books are... :(:(