[Archive] Favorite Historical Figure?


Real simple: Who is you favorite historical figure and why?

I’ll start.

For me this is an easy one: Henry V, the hero King of England. A man of his time who packed much into his short 35 years (as we would measure it today). He was a brilliant tactician, a sound strategist (for the most part) and was in many ways the first modern general.

He was also a cultured man in an age that was emerging from the horrors of the Black death and the other disasters of the 14th century. Not only that but he spoke several languages and has a keen interest in not only law but music and spiritual/political measures.

He was also hard and domineering man, sometimes unreasonable, and towards the end of his life more inflexible.

He also died young at the pinnacle of his greatness, leaving history to ponder what might have been if reigned for more then his short 9 years.

In spite of all this however, he was alway be remembered as a soldier and great general. He was personally brave having fought and routed the rebels at Shrewsbury as Prince during his father’s reign to fighting and leading the English at Agincourt and the grueling sieges in the later years of his reign.

In closing the example of medieval kingship personified. So much so the Bard would raise his status to mythical proportions. But in truth the reality is not very far from the legend. Read GL Harris’ Henry V- the Practice of Medieval Kingship for insights to all aspects of his reign, a good read indeed.

I’m interested to hear others favorite figures throughout history.


I love history and I want to thank you for that rundown. Never studied that time so glad to learn!

Not really one favourite person in history but I’ve always been intrigued by Djengiz Khan, Napoleon and the Greek and Roman era. And then specifically their (Greek/Roman) mythology and sagas.


I’d have to agree with Obsidian… I loved learning about the Greek emperors… Caesar (of the Julius kind) is very intriquing, but so are sooooo many others.

But also Shakespeare, or Mozart, or Beethoven, or or or… I can’t decide!

I’ve been interested in learning more about Queen Elizabeth I as well, and all British history after my trip overseas last September…

sooooo, moral of the story: I don’t know yet. heh. :slight_smile:


i think personally although i have a very varied personal library when it comes to history topics, my favorite characters have to be the WWII general erwin rommel. he was such a great strategist and really brought tactical warfare up to modern day standards.

but then if we go for something a bit less military, i pretty much like the gruesome side of life. Vlad the impaler, various pirate captains, rasputin, elizabeth bathory, just to name a few.

the problem with history is that there is just so much of it.


OH! I was very fascinated by Anastasia as a child and the Romanov family… Torn reminded me after mentioning Rasputin :slight_smile:

it figures you’d like a WWII general… very warhammer of you :wink: But yes, sooooooooooo much history! =S


This doesnt nessicarily have to be military related. Mine just happens to be.

Thommy H:

Alexander the Great. He conquered the known world in twelve years and was undefeated in battle. Can’t get much cooler than that.

turquois dwarf:

henry the 5th is good. and i come from shrewsbury.

but my favourite has to be Gengis khan

Thommy H:

and i come from shrewsbury
Really? Me too (more or less).

turquois dwarf:

wow thats odd

maybee weve seen each other at the shop and not known it!!! :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

Well I don’t live there right now. Last time I was at the GW there though, some people commented on my girlfriend buying some Wood Elves - were you one of them? :wink:

turquois dwarf:

no i wasnt ah well its a nice thought isnt it

right better not highjack thread…

gengis khan is the best :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Off the top of my head, I guess I could say Thespes. So much influence in the world, a travelling pioneer of theatre (where the term thespian comes from) and theatre has influenced so much, directly and indirectly. However, I’d actually rather say I have no favourite historical figure :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

American civil war !!! the south will rise again !!Robert E LEE the best General ever. Fought armys twice his size and sent them home packing.


Until he met his match in Grant…

Kera foehunter:

Grant was a lucky drunk who got lucky.the south ran out of resorces is the only way he beat lee!!!


my favorite historical figure is richard the lionheart, although he was king for 10 years and only spent 6 months in england he risked all he had to seize the holy land for god, he spent all the money he had and emptied the coffers of england and france to raise an army to equal the whole muslim army that stood at 4 million, he took the holy land with a small amount of men and restored peace in jerusalem from a conflict that lasted 100’s of years.

a terrible king, but an unequaled warrior and crusader


Grant was a lucky drunk who got lucky.the south ran out of resources is the only way he beat lee!!!

Kera foehunter
Whole heartedly disagree.

Luck helps any general (read: Lee could have very well lost at Chancellorsville; Hooker had a strong, but complex plan that stood every chance of success, it was by the merest flukes of chance that it turned out the way it did).

Grant understood throughly what was required. Prior to Grant every thrust by the Army of the Potomac into northern Virgina was expertly parried by Lee.

At the start of the Wildness Campaign however, Lee saw the writing on the wall as he had learned of Grant promotion. After a defeat the Army of the Potomac would usually retreat across the retreat Rappahanock. River. Not Grant. He turned the army southeast and keep the pressure on. This simple maneuver electrified the army realizing that finally the army had the right general.

Luck? Witness his brilliance during the Battle of Shiloh when he snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Luck? The Vicksburg campaign is regarded as one of the finest military campaigns of not only the Civil War, but in military history. Every move was the right one. He expertly maneuvered and fought completely cut of from supplies and split the Confederacy in two.

Did he make mistakes? Sure, Cold Harbor for one. His mistakes however were more then made up by his successes which were nearly continuous from Fort Donaldson to Appomattox.

In terms of tactics Lee was brilliant, no one will deny that, but he was also going up against generals that were no match for him (McClellan, Burnside, Hooker). In terms of strategy they were pretty close, but again Grant understood the larger picture better, the ever tightening naval blockade, turning Sherman loose on the South , Sheridan in the Shenandoah, etc...

In closing Lee was a superb general, but Grant is often slighted for not being up to par, this is unfounded in my opinion. In the end Grant is extremely underrated. He understood what was needed to end the war and he did it. And if he didn't... I wont say the South would have won the war... there was no way that was going to happen, Lee simply delayed it with his brilliance on the battlefield , Grant and his dogged determination and equally up to par generalship did that


I didn’t finish Willmark’s novel (lol)… but just based on length, it would appear he knows what he’s talking about. Luck is good to have on your side :slight_smile:

Canadain schools got the screw re: history. Canadian history is BORING, and it’s only mandatory in grade 10, for 1 class. after that you have to choose to take it… AND even then, it’s still mostly Canadian history… blah.


If your looking for an implacable soldier (among many others) who was also a clever politician and even a tolerant man: Mehmet II the Conqueror.

Now, my favorite historical figure is a man I admire. I dont know if many of you know anything about him. He is largely unknown in his own country: Bernard Lazare.