[Archive] feedback for my list please

richard barby:

this is my list i have to spend 2 days spanking people with so any feedback or ideas would be most welcome its useing the indy list

level 4 fire lord


heml armour of furnace


slavermaster bsb hellsword

deamonedmsith metal lore

halegun and hexigon


20 warriors shields full command warbanner

15 x2 blunderbusses

39 spear goblins full command


2 death rockets


1 earthshaker

6 golums face and construct

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think you have a list that looks good on paper but I don’t think it will perform well.

Level 4 caster - Armour of the Furnace isn’t bad but unless you’re expecting a plethora of fire based attacks, I’d take the Talisman of Preservation for 5 points more. I’d also stay away from the Lore of Fire - you basically do a bunch of ST4 hits throughout the entire lore which you can already dish out with your other stuff. I recommend Darkness instead.

Slavemaster BSB - you want this guy to survive so I wouldn’t give him a magic weapon, I’d give him armour. BTW - what is a “hellsword”???

Daemonsmith - He already has a magical weapon so he can’t take the Hailfire Gun.

Chaos Dwarf Warriros - take more. And give them Great Weapons. They’re already striking last…

Blunderbuss units - good!

Hobgoblins - good. If you need more points, strip them out of this unit.

2 Death Rockets - these are fine.

Earthshaker - awesome!

Inferno Golems - No idea how this will play out. But you’ve got a lot of points in Rares. If you are playing 2250 or less, you need to shave some points out of these.

And lastly, don’t post when you’re drunk. It makes your spelling REALLY bad!

Grimbold Blackhammer


Wish i could comment… I cant honestly really get any ideas on the list as me trying to read it makes me want to kill myself. Please revise into a form that can be considered language.


The list seems good to me, very well rounded

Da Crusha:

I would drop the earthshaker I still don’t think the indy GT earthshaker is very good. I’d put the points into rabble so you’d have dispensable tarpit. I think the inferno golems will do good, they will get a lot of attacks with a frontage of 3 and don’t forget stomp!