[Archive] Female Dwarf models/conversions

The Odor:

I am doing two units of female Warriors (One shooty and one fighty) so I am looking for Female dwarf minis/easy conversions, and figured this could be a good place to come for advice.

Thommy H:

Hasslefree Miniatures do quite a few, and of course there’s Grulka Blackhand from Titan Wargames (link in my sig).

The Odor:

I like Keras conversions but I am tad worried about skill… I don’t feel particularly certain of my ability to make a face…

Grulka I had already found, she will be the champion of either this shooty unit or another one I am doing. Gonna order her and look alittle closer before deciding.
Thanks for the Hasslefree tip.


from lead adventures

The Odor:

Those are awesome… I think I’ll have to expand mydwarf budget… Thanks Falter.


from lead adventures

I am not sure I am a fan of those.... Maybe they will grow on me :)


Check out the Reaper mini’s website. They have quite a few girl dwarfs including a standard bearer

Kera foehunter:

Thanks Herby :slight_smile: did i ever tell you your my best friend  

The oder   don’t worry about doing the faces as much on your first few


Here are some simple female dwarfs using chaos warrior helmets.this is going to be my basic female dwarfs. Hardly any green stuff work, but here chest and hair< snicker > That could take some guy longer to do than others

Kera foehunter:

ps if you like to see any brake down of the step let me know


I am not sure I am a fan of those.... Maybe they will grow on me :)

It's the distinct lack of beards that you're picking up on.