[Archive] Few of my Chaos Dwarfs


Hi :hat off

Today I want to show you my Chaos Dwarf Hero, Lord and two Sorcerers.

They’re nearly complete. I have to work on them a little but I will finish soon.

I’m not a good photographer so the minis are better in real.

I’m not a good sculptor too but I’m practicing and I’m going to make it better in future. But I think that they’re OK :slight_smile:

Oh, and I want to show you one of my 2 earthshakers.



First sorcerer:

Second sorcerer:


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



remove the trailing “/” from the end of the addresses, otherwise it’ll give errors.

You may also want to put each link between the “” tags to embed the images directly into the page… it saves a lot of clicking :wink:


I tried to do this but it’s not working. I remove the slash so I think now the photos will work.


pictures seems to be OK now. its a nice start to your army.


Cant you use a different online photo album, cant link to these pictures and thats a lot of clicking.

(sorry, I’m lazy)


nice start

but why is your first sorcerer on a round base?