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Rules question here. I am playing my brothers tower of lvl 1 shadow wizards list, he said tailor against him as much as I want. Its like a lvl 2 wilds and 4 lvl 1 shadow in a tower with a herdstone nearby to buff the dice/casting. He puts 2 huge units of bestigors out there and debuffs your weapon skill to 1 and then buff his guys up.

I figure I will shoot the shit out of his tower.

Can I shoot at a tower that is also being assulted by my ground foot troops?

Enter this bad boy x3:


So the Deathshrieker rocket from WF for chaos dwarfs has 2 ammo types one of which reads with this rule:

Firing the Deathshrieker: To fire the Deathshrieker, take a small counter or similar marker (no more than 1�?� across, -if you have left the rocket loose, you can of course use that!) and place it anywhere completely within the war machine�?Ts line of sight, outside of the Deathshrieker�?Ts minimum range and within its maximum range.

This target point cannot be placed over friendly units or enemy models from a unit that is engaged in combat with friendly units. The weapon may however strike friendly targets by mistake instead, as shown later.

Once the marker has been placed, roll for scatter using a Scatter dice and an Artillery dice. If a Misfire is rolled on the Artillery dice, something has gone dreadfully amiss. Roll on the Black Powder Misfire chart - see the Warhammer rulebook.

If there is no misfire, and a �?~hit�?T is rolled on the Scatter dice, the rocket lands on its intended target and the number on the Artillery dice is ignored. If an arrow is rolled, the shot has scattered off elsewhere. This is carried out as normal for a war machine. �?" In summation, move the target marker a distance in inches equal to the result on the Artillery dice in the direction shown on the Scatter dice.

Demolition Rockets

Deathshrieker launchers may be used to fire special demolition rockets instead of their normal loads. These rockets inflict their damage on a single model on which they land, rather than explode in the air like the Deathshrieker and are not subject to its special scatter rule. If the rocket fails to land directly on a model, then the shot is wasted.

Has this profile: Rocket 12�?�-48�?� 8 Multiple Wounds (D6)

Question, so how would this work shooting into a building?

Since for template weapons you roll d6 models hit, and if it wounds you use the under the hole rules. Which would be D6 wounds. The BRB says:

"For example, a building is hit by a cannon ball. The unit inside the building suffers D6 Strength 10 hits. As the cannon has the Multiple Wounds (D6) special rule, all unsaved wounds will multiply by D6.

Normally I just use a small template and say whatever is under the hole is what gets hit. Since hitting anywhere on the building would count as an under the hole hit for a normal stone thrower. long as my 1 inch marker hits the building do I get d6 hits which then each get d6 wounds to the unit?

Also I will be using a few of these like 3:


Since they are an S5 AP1 D3 wounds flaming weapon. That means d6 models get hit, then each hits does D3 wounds per the example above additionally because they are flaming attacks they get To re-roll to wound roll when shooting at a building.

I will be taking a lvl 4 metal wizard, glittering robe should make my troops near unkillable even with greatly lowered WS, and hopefully I can final transmutation his big units of bestigors into stupid land.

I am contemplating this item:

"The Chalice of Blood and Darkness (Arcane item) 50 points

In any Magic phase the bearer may, if they wish, reduce the number of

dice held in both side’s pools by D3 each. Roll these dice separately

declaring before rolling which applies to which side. If a double

�?o1�?� is rolled between the dice the bearer suffers a wound with no armor

saves allows. If they roll a double ‘6’ then the bearer may recover a wound

previous lost in the game."

Plus a power stone, and a 5+ ward save.

Hopefully on some turns I can reduce his casting/dispell options and drop a brutal magic phase he wont be able to dispell with the power stone.

Comedy option:

This x2


Rules question:

The giant has this rule:


A Chaos Siege Giant may always choose to attack and destroy buildings, regardless of the scenario (see page 399 of the Warhammer rulebook and use the Watchtower description for fortified buildings where appropriate), and may always choose to assault the building even if it is occupied, potentially bringing it down on top of any unlucky garrisoning troops inside. A Chaos Siege Giant always attacks a building with the Smash with Pick attack and need not roll for a random attack type.

Smash with Pick

The Giant brings down its Pick on the head of an unfortunate victim, most likely leaving little left but a blood red smear. The Giant chooses a single target model from the enemy unit that it is in base contact with. The target may attempt to avoid the blow by passing an Initiative test. If the test is failed, the model suffers 2D6 wounds with no Armour save allowed. If a double is rolled, the Giant�?Ts pick has imbedded itself in the ground and the Giant cannot attack at all in the following round of the same combat whilst it yanks it free.

So this means the unit in the building takes an I test and if they fail they take 2d6 wounds no armor save? Or can a building take an I test is there a statline for a fortified building on page 399 of the BRB? I only have the mini BRB.

My other thought is a huge unit of Hobgoblins with bows like maybe 50 or 100.

Could throw in a hell cannon or two for d6 S10 hits vs the buildings unit.

Rule thoughts? Advice?