[Archive] Fimir anyone?


Since there’s a lot of people around here that like to collect rare and out of production minis my question as follows: do any of u guys have any Fimir or Zoat minis? Maybe u can post some pics? :cheers


I’m actually half way through sculpting a fimir now. Should be done in a month.


I have one zoat from back in the day i’d have to see if I can find it.


Imo the Bogs of Blood Moon Miniatures nearly looks like the old original Fimir!

Here is the link: Bogs from Blood Moon Miniatures



The guys behind Bloodmoon are HUGE HeroQuest fans, so it’s no surprise the models look fimirliar.

Pyro Stick:

I always wanted a fimir and a zoat. I bid on them ocassionally but i never win.

Heres another discussion about fimir if you wnt to read it. Theres a few pics as ell but i think they are all googled: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=343



They are identical!!!

Combined with my HQ Fimirs, now I am forced to build a fimir army.

What rules should I use?

EDIT: Another thought… Saurus warriors would make EASY fimir conversions…

Step 1. Scrape off scales, and cut head to proper shape.

Step 2. Greenstuff cyclopean eye above the mouth, and shape head into oval shape.

Step 3. Ball of greenstuff on the end of the tail, and put little dots or spikes on the ball (to represent a fleshy mace)

Step 4. Possibly replace arms with Orc or Marauder arms.

Step 5. Add Mace-like and Double-bladed Axe weapons!


----- Anyone think the new Beasts of Chaos book will be the book to use?

EDIT 2: Another suggestion is SOME Genestealer heads are very similar, but not cyclopean.


Combined with my HQ Fimirs, now I am forced to build a fimir army.

What rules should I use?

perhaps just refreshing the old 3rd ed rules for the army would do :cheers

as to lizardmen it depends which version of fimir u want to make, the heroquest ones which were more or less mansized or the warhammer FB ones that were on large troll bases.


Or you could use ogre rules since the models are rather large.


I’m just reading the Sigmar book “Empire” despite not being named the fimir are actually in it!


Warhammerman and Piccolo, all my Fimir are going to be around man-sized as that is the correct proportion for the rules, the artwork, and the models that were made in correct size.

The ogre scale models were mess-ups/mis-sculpts, as the rules and fluff was all designed for human sized Fimirs only.

Notice, this was the only correct-scale, properly sculpted Warhammer Fimir.

He is man-sized on a 25mm base.

Da Crusha:

I wanted to make a bloodmoon army of fimirs but Im collecting too many armies right now. I might use fimirs and zoats (if I can get any) as unit fillers, not because I dont have enough hobgobbos but just to represent a few rare races that were unfortunately enough to get enslaved by the mighty chaos dwarves.


You could work them into a Dogs of War army as duelists, or sub them into a beastman army as bestigors.


It might be possible to make an entire army of Fimir using only Dogs of War.


i should have some zoats laying about, will see about getting some pics up soon. Was fortunate enough to find and acquire 1 Fimir… now to his where abouts… lol… thats another story, prolly still hiding in a blister somewhere.