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Okay, the Fimir as a race disappeared completely just as I started out with Warhammer. Since this is a site dedicated to a race threatened with extinction, I wondered if anyone knew anything about them? Any official fluff would be appreciated, especially pictures/models. I’m thinking of modeling a few just for novelty value, perhaps finding a suitable “counts as” use for them. I’m mainly after things like what did they look like, where were they from, and were they weak or strong, few or numerous? Did they have alot of female warriors in their ranks like the elves? Did they use magic or were they afraid of it like the dwarfs? Thanks in anticipaion, AGPO


They disappeared only from wfb (like squats from wh40k)…

I remember some 'bout them from wfrp, but I have lack of skills in my english, so I only paste this


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Cool, does anyone have any more pics? Some more of the official background would be helpful. The model shown here is nicely distinctive in its look. I might make a concept model and maybe a unit or two as allies of the chaos dwarfs. I’m just not sure whether to go for Ogre size models or man sized. Anyone got anything else?


Some links from google :wink:

http://www.solegends.com/citcat88/0901monsters.jpg - as u can see here they are at 40 mm bases, but according to fluff 25 mm base would be proper :wink:


The Fimir could be used to build a very unique Ogre Kingdoms army.

They could even be used as Chaos Ogres or Trolls.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I remember the Fimir from MB’s HeroQuest - these were slightly taller than men-sized, but the GW miniatures look more like they actually belong on 40mm monster bases. You could make a Fimir unit and use them as Ogre mercenary allies in your CD army. Doing a whole army of them sounds… quite challenging, even by Chaos Dwarf player’s standards. :wink:


yes, I have some HeroQuest Fimirs, too.

These Zeots look a little bit like Fimir-centaures…


There are two Fimir miniatures at the "correct scale" i.e. a size between 1.8m and 2.1m (in-game scale): Fimir (actually Fimm Warriors) from HeroQuest and some limited edition Fimm Warrior miniatures sold separately.

I am actually using some of my Heroquest Fimir models as slaves in my Orc unit.

Fimir are awesome.


I think from memory the Fimir were half Daemon and half human.

Their females (which are rare) do not produce offspring, instead Fimir�kidnap human females.

I can just imagine the political correctness sirens going off in GW marketing if anyone tried to make that canon again.


however, the fimir disappeared for a different reason. the creator of the fimir never signed the rights over to GW, and when they had a disagreement he split and took the rights with him. iirc he was the same guy who created malal.

Kera foehunter:

hey guys thanks for the warhammer history.that was great. i did n’t know about fimir.

You guys rock.


Aaaaah the good old days. Everytime I hear the word Fimir or Zoat it makes me smile.


It still seems weird to me that GW never had those rights signed over.

I bet one of their legal guys got caned for that oversight.


Fimir were always underused I thought and they made great opponents in WFRP. the half daemon thing was always a bit confusing. Zoats kicked butt too!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Did the Zoats have rocket launchers in WFRB too, as they had in 40k? :o


Did the Zoats have rocket launchers in WFRB too, as they had in 40k? :o

Ishkur Cinderhat
Nope. They had a bizarre mace that only zoats could use.


Zoats… Even the name stinks. And they were silly too. As silly as a Jochero. :slight_smile:

- Tallhat


I actually though zoats weren’t a nessicarily bad idea. The problem with them lied with the fact that they were not thought out enough. The fluff for the was good and could have been pushed further. That being said with the direction that GW took with Woodies is easy to see why the were anbandoned. Quadrapedial (sp?) lizard like creatures usually aren’t akin to fairy/elf creatures…


I think they should reintroduce the Firmir (under a different name), as a race of underground nasties.��The warhammer equivalent of Tyranids.��They could burrow their way around the world in the same way as skaven.


why not? they re-introduced to a degree malaal when they came out with be-lekor, his fluff along with the fluff for the dark emissaries are very similar to the old backround for malaal.