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[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



really great models dude!


HOLY SMOKES!! :o :o :o Very Impressive collection.  Love the uniformity.  The rolling tank things (Kollosus and Daemoneater?)  The inferno Golems are ACE!  Impressive conversions, incredible paint jobs, great basing, this is a showcase army for sure!!!  W.O.W.  Thanks for sharing! :hat off :cheers :hat off

and :o :o :o just for good measure!


Very Nice collection buddy, whats that 4 hellcannons?


Impressive army, looks great! :slight_smile:


wow…thats an awesome army,dude

like the kollosus demon tower,pretty cool idea


Now thats a force! Nice work.


that is a huge force, how many points is it?


Great looking army Spartacus well worth some slaves i think :smiley:


I especially like these guys, the axes are awesome:

Need some closer shots fo them however.

EDIT: That is a damn impressive horder, add it up and let us know so we can award the appropriate medal.


Thanks guys.

Because of the 25% core restriction, I can just squeeze in a legal 5000 point army, but besides that, I have almost 7000 points worth of models.

I used the 4 Hellcannons as Earthshakers for an 'Ard Boyz tournament. It worked pretty well actually.

Blue in VT:


Great to see such a large force that still has a completely cohesive feel to it as far as color and style…really very impressive.

Great work sir…:hat off



Very nice job! Congrats to this great army! :cheers


:o awesome, i wish i knew more english to express myself, but i’m petrified!!

great work!:hat off


Absolutely beautiful! Uniform paint scheme, great conversions. I love it!


Thanks guys. I was hoping to bring this army to the Throne of Skulls tournament in Las Vegas, but I am not so sure they will allow it.

Da Crusha:

awesome army!

Thanks guys.  I was hoping to bring this army to the Throne of Skulls tournament in Las Vegas, but I am not so sure they will allow it.

aww that would be cool to see, did you qualify? Im going to be going there, havent qualified yet, but I want to watch the tournament and I have a few friends who were fortunate enough to have qualified.

Unfortunately Chaos dwarfs are not premitted to compete in the throne of skulls.


Appropriate medals have been awarded. Congrats and well earned.


That’s awesome man!!! Such a large force full of great conversions, nice paintjobs, variety and a very cohesive look!!! It really deserves a place in the showcase!!! How long did it took you to model, convert, paint the whole army???