[Archive] Finally got to battle with my Chaos Dwarfs!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Sorry that I’m not as “Battle Report-y” as the rest of you, but anyway, here’s the highlights of the game.

It was a “double” player type of battle at Monster Hobbies in High River. Andre and myself were teamed up against Curtis and his brother. We set up a 4x4 styrofoam table and began our battle.

Andre is new to the game and only has 1 unit of 16 Lizardmen Saurus Warriors which I am currently building/painting for him. I had my Chaos Dwarfs out and decided to play them for the first time ever since joining this web site and @ 60% of them aren’t finished.

Across the table, Curtis and his brother were playing Ogre Kingdoms and the Goblins from Battle of Skull Pass.

Ok, I know these are unlikely alliances, but we wanted to play. Combined army strength was @ 1950 points per team.

We used the recommended 3 characters rule and I fielded two sorcerers (Fire and Metal) and 1 hero, a Bull Centaur BSB. I had 3 core units, Warriors with shields and maces, Warriors with great axes, and a Blunderbuss unit. (10 per unit) I also had my Death Rocket, Hobgoblin archers (20), Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with shields and axes (10), and Andre’s Lizardmen Saurus Warriors (16).

Curtis and His Brother had the Night Goblin spearmen (20), Night Goblin Archers (20) a Ork Boar Chariot, and an Ogre Butcher and a few units of Ogre heroes, bulls, etc. He also used the BFSP Cave Troll.

So…since I totally forget the entire play-by-play, I’ll highlight.

I let Andre borrow the Hobgoblin archers, which he lined up in a long 1X1 row and then put his Lizardmen Sauraus Warriors (With Spears) behind the archers. He intended them to be shields for his Lizardmen.

I set my Cd’s on the other corner of our deployment zone with the Death Rocket in the back, two sorcerers near the rhs of the rocket, the heavy weapons warriors on the right side of the rocket ahead of the sorcerers and the bunderbuss team and  wolf riders to the left. The BSB was grouped with the Wolf Riders.

Here’s where it gets short…

In the first round, my blunderbuss team of 10 shredded the Cave Troll which failed a Stupidity test and walked right into the firing zone. We opened up on him and turned him into Cave Troll mush.

After two attempts at getting the Death Rocket to land on target, I finally land a missle right on the head of the Ogre Butcher and nail him for 2 wounds.

Curtus kept marching his goblins right into my Blunderbuss “Rectangle Of Death” so it was quite an easy kill and flee trial for the goblins.

On the other side of the board, Andre used the archers to massicure a unit of Ogre Bulls before they were charged by the Wagon. The Hobgoblin archers fought close combat and beat the wagon until it had to take a panic test, which it failed.

Many “Magic Missles” were thrown back and fourth, most of the Ogre spells were successfully dispelled while the CD spells were not. I sucessfully cast a fireball and later a wall of fire against the Ogres.

Andre’s Lizardmen, which were basically left untouched until this point, ended up engaging some Hobgoblins and forced them to panic, finally overran them and slaughtered them.

In the end, CD’s lost a total of 3 Hobgoblins, 3 Heavy Weapons Warriors and 3 Blunderbuss crew.  

Ogres lost 2 units of Hobgoblins, an entire unit of Bulls (3), a cave troll and the boar chariot as well as had 1 wound left on their leader.

I never even used my Wolf Riders, Warriors with Maces, or BSB. Curtus just kept marching his units into the BB and Hobgoblin firing zone and it was always an easy kill. He kept his own Hobgoblin archers behind all his Ogres and other Night Goblins so that he had to shoot through his own guys to hit us. I don’t even remember him shooting with them at all. Anyway, it’s something for him to remeber for the next battle!

CD’s WON!:hat off

Kera foehunter:

Great job mr t so they pack your dtore to see this battles of great ness

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Not really. There were 2 others to view the slaughter. :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

Well there always next time !! try playing before midnight there might be more people he he

The Brain:

Another fine use of the Blunderbuss. Keep up the good work and put those Ogres in their place. If you can get up to 3 ranks it is even better. :hat off a job well done.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Kera should be sending me her unwanted BFSP Thunderers. With a little conversion, I should have another rank.