[Archive] Finally taking the plunge

Groznit Goregut:

I ordered the Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Army Set today. That gives me:

1x Blacksoul Regiment (20 Figures with Command Group)

1 x Decimator Troop (10 Figures)

1 x Immortal Guard Half-Regiment (10 Figures with Command Group)

1 x Katsuchan Rocket Launcher with Crew

I’ve already got:

1 x Hellcannon

2 x Doom Rockets

several characters

1 x old, metal Great Taurus and character

12-15 Chaos Dwarfs w/ command

2-3 Heroes

5 x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

1 x Hobgoblin Khan on wolf

12 or so Hobgoblins with bows

12 or so Hobgoblins w/ hand weapons

5 x Bull Centaur tops

I also made a trade with Kera to get:

1 x Great Taurus that’s not GW, but looks much better

1 x Earth Shaker

1 x Lammasu

4 x Bull Centaur bottoms

4 x plastic Chaos Dwarfs

I think I’ve got enough to start a proper army! I think I just need to beef up my Hobgoblins and I’m all set! Do I go with Stormvermin or Plague monks?

Finally taking the plunge and spending money after a few years.


Try to do it some justice Chadwick…

No embarassing the CD’s…


Groznit Goregut:

Hey, now, I did get 2nd place for Player’s Choice for my Greenskins at Southern Assault GT last month. Tied for 2nd with a few others for Judge’s Choice, too. I think I’ll do them alright. I want to think of good unit fillers and such, though. That makes a big different, I think.

I do have a thread for my first go at an army list. It uses lots of Hobgoblins, which I don’t see a lot in regular Chaos Dwarf armies. I think my experience with Goblins can really help out. Throw in the high Ld bubble that the CD bring and I’m pretty excited about their ability to hold.

I’m also surprised that no one else comments. I’ve always heard CDO was a tight and welcoming community. Maybe I’m spoiled with Da Warpath.


I suggest neither stormvermin nor plague monks. Go with gnoblars! These guys have personnality!

Groznit Goregut:

I do plan on using gnoblar heads, but I really think there are a number of great options out there.

These Stormvermin have gnoblar heads and are sweet!

This thread talks about Clan Rats or Plague Monks.

Also, don’t forget about Mantic orcs. I think they would look really cool with gnoblar heads.

I’m won over using gnoblar heads, but want something bigger for the body.


I'm also surprised that no one else comments.

Groznit Goregut
I think that everyone is still finding their own feet with the new list, some people haven't even received the book in the mail yet.

Groznit Goregut:

Like me…I haven’t ordered the new book yet!

Groznit Goregut:

I worked on my CD’s that I have already as I wait for the Mantic to arrive. I got the Chaos Dwarf warriors up to snuff, except for some broken weapons on a couple. Maybe the Mantic guys have different options that I can use.

I cannot find my Great Taraus or death rocket! I know they are somewhere in my hobby room, but I don’t know where…

I did buy Kera’s old CD’s and they came. Her Taraus is much cooler than the old GW one. Maybe I can sell the old one to pay for my new Hobgoblins? I probably can sell some older stuff, too. A few extra characters and such.

Not sure what to do with my older hobgoblins at this point as I am sold on the new ones.

Time of Madness:

I’m interesting in seeing what you do with the mantic stuff. I don’t see much of it around or painted up.

Time of Madness

Groznit Goregut:

I’m surprised about the lack of Mantic stuff, too. Is it that people who come here are more die hard GW types? Or old schoolers who have the old models and don’t need new ones? Maybe people just don’t like 'em? I’m surprised if that’s the case. They seem like a good alternative to big hats for me (though I like the big hats).


Not a fan of the Mantic dwarfs. I prefer the classic GW bighats. I will at some stage get some of the forgeworld CD’s.

Goodluck with your army.


I built up my army when my gaming store was a GW, so non-GW models were a big no even if mantic had been around. Starting from scratch at a gaming store where it wouldn’t matter, I might have gone for Mantic, but the style simply doesn’t fit in very well with my current stuff and it’s not quite good enough for me to ignore that and buy some.


if you don’t know what to do with the older hobos. i might take them off your hands. i’m in love with them

Groznit Goregut:

I can see I you already have a bunch and want to stay the same. I am coming in late and don’t have too many big hats. I love 'me, though. What I like about Mantic is that they still have crazy hats. I hate the Trent Reznor looking guys from the Hellcannon crew, so I like that Mantic doesn’t look like them. I also think I could add in the big hats without too much fuss.

I am used to doing crazy things with my units with my OnG, but other armies seem so serious that I am not sure what to do for them. No Animosity or other crude behavior to do with the CD’s. Need to look at tjub’s blog again.