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hi, i’m the guy that wrote the hell cannon article :). i decided not long after building my first that i’d make some more chaos dwarves for my mortal chaos army. obviously M3 troops are hard to represent with any of the chaos infantry, but bull centaurs as knights make enough sense and so i made 6.

i have WiP pics too if anyone’s interested, as well as a half finished sorcerer lord on lammassu (the only real CD model i own, the rest are conversions) and unpainted sorcerer on magic carpet.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Cool! Just better pics pleeeze :expressionless:

and compliments for the Hellcannon article :hat off


Good work on the Bull Centaurs looking good, i like the banner with the rune of Hashut on it and Slaanesh, these two gods would make good natural allies what with Khorne hating Slaanesh and Hashut hating Khorne after losing to him the old saying My enemies, enemies is my friend comes to mind.


Cool conversions! :hat off

How did you made them? Or to be more exact - what different parts did you use?

I like also the colour scheme - no red! :mad

Curious to see more minis! :wink:



Really awesome i love how they look with boar bodies!


i used orc boars and dwarf miners with marauder horsemen shields and a few other chaos bits. oh and those pins too :stuck_out_tongue:

my chaos armies all follow slaanesh, so i felt that if i were to add in some chaos dwarves they’d need to follow the theme somehow. even though CD don’t follow slaanesh, the idea is they’re allied in. i used the same colour pallet for them as i did the rest of my chaos bar the flesh and hair colours.

a pretty cheap conversion really, you could get the main parts for a unit of 5 for 20 quid. and then have 5 dwarves left over to fill out ranks or whatever.

here are the pics of my painted lammassu:

havn’t got round to painting the rider yet, nor have i got round to finishing off his on foot counterpart. believe it or not, i got sent the lammassu by a chap i met on the underempire for 12 quid. if you’re unsure how much 12 quid is, that’s the same price as a box of empire state troops.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

They look so awesome, esp the paint scheme and the banner. Looks like I’ll have to raise the bar! :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

Wow great stuff!! Love the lammaussu


Great kudos on the Lammasu. It’s very striking - a real centerpiece model!


doesnt chaos dwarfs follow hashut? or did you want them to be a little different?


Like the painting of your Lammasu! Esp. the wings are cool! :hat off

IMO the backround is also good, cause I like Slaaneh more than the other three brutal guys … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: