[Archive] Finished?!?! K'Daai Destroyer model


So me and my buddy from Izmir have begun work on his K’Daai Destroyer. After looking at so many options, he has chosen to go with the Titan Overlord model from Crocodile Games. Nice model, large, fully metal, and a beast to put together ( due to gaps ). But perfect for the job that it is needing to do.

Below is a shot of the WIP of it… and you can check the ongoing progress of it here…

Hopefully I can get some more work on it done soonish, and then get to paint as soon as the snow thaws and I have a dry place to use the spray primers.


Like it so far, hope it thaws soon.


Looks very promsising, looking forward to seeing it develop :slight_smile:


A little bit of updates… in the way of the Scibor snail has some paint on it…

More on the main page, or the project page.

Slow going, but going none the less :wink:


So I started a side project on this one… I have a ton of lava bases made out of resin from a while ago that are for my Deamon army, but haven’t had the chance to work on them, I thought now would be a good time to do some tests on them in anticipation to the K’daai Destroyer base.

Put up a small tut and photo series of what I was doing, and what the results came out like on my blog. If it is liked by my buddy who I am painting this for, then I will continue on with it for his larger model.

I think this Black Lava stuff from Vallejo has saved me from trying to paint lava on a flat surface. Which is where my previous attempts had failed spectacularly.


The destroyer is looking very nice. Your bases look cool too. I personally give mine a bit further up to a pure white highlight sounds like it shouldnt work but it does.


Yeah agreed on the white highlight. Normally I do to, but it is coming out bright enough at this point. I will see how it looks when I get it on the bigger Destroyer base though, and see if it needs to go as far up as bright white. I suspect on the larger base it will need it. For the smaller ones though, I will see how it looks against the Flesh hounds, and go from there.

Thanks for the comments.


So a bit more work on it… not much… but paints have been opened and applied…

First up the base. It has been started at the very least. I do like how the Vallejo Black Lava texture came out, but need to play with the coloring a bit more on it. Need to make some parts white hot especially. The 2 large yellow sections are where the K’daai’s feet will be, so will make those the brightest out of the bunch.

And a quick shot of where the K’Daai is heading for coloring.

Burock had asked WTF was with the wooden stick, but its to be able to hold the model without holding the model. But this might not be working as great as I would be liking it to be though as it gets very heavy and awkward after a while. More so since it is a huge piece of metal, weighing in at a good 1.5 kgs or something… though after 30 minutes of holding it and painting with it… it feels more like 1000 kgs… upside… my gym quote for left arm curls is filled for the month :slight_smile:

Idea for the coloring on the K’Daai is to make the more inner recesses be white hot, going up to yellow, then orange… and the back pieces/scales etc to be red/black. Cloth to be black also so that it has some contrast in it.

Feet will be bright as it is a connection to the lava. Hands to be bright due to hitting with the fury of a thousand sons, and face to be bright cause well… hes kinda constipated… or at least his pose says he could be :wink:

Expect more work on him soon enough though… I see the progress on him becoming more fast and fierce over the coming weeks. That and his sidekick snails and summoner.


Kera foehunter:

Love the colors. nice how they blend together

I shouldn’t of skipped that day at class at :frowning:


Thanks Kera! Though to be honest… the blending is all due to the airbrush… it really makes fast work in those areas indeed… though I think I need to move back to the brush on this guy in order to make the colors go where I want them to go…

Some updates…

Overall shot of the lava base as it stands now…

Close up shot of the Summoner… on his removable base… so he can be used as a Deamonsmith outside of this also if needed…

Shot of the snail… what do you think of the green?

Close up of the menhir… tried to make it glow, but it doesn’t show too well in the photo…

WIP K’Daai Blog Page

More description and discussion on points in the blog page itself… hoping to get more work on this later on too…

Hope you like :slight_smile:


Ok so this project has taken a drastic turn… it got completed!!! Like wow… and in what I would like to think as record time considering how large this model is ( and how heavy it is ) and how I was thinking it was going to take me closer to 40-45 hrs to complete… instead it was almost bang on 30 hrs from start to finish…

Some shots of it can be seen here, but I will be taking better photos of it over the weekend… borrowed a DSLR camera to take some better shots of things around the house… so will see how that plays out then.

Sorry for such large photos… but you can also see more of it here at my blog thread dedicated to this beast…

Also I have had a bit of a buying frenzy on eBay and picked up a few more pieces that will make it into my own CD force… so hopefully will be getting back to my thread on them soon enough :slight_smile:


Great job ,I will be stealing this idea next month when I am allowed to buy more miniatures,using the scibor snails was brilliant


Lava Lord:

I’ve been away a few yrs and missed all the new additions. would someone give me a link or source to get the stats, history and any info for the K’Daai Destroyer. I’d like to look into getting / making one??:hat off

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Unfortunately we can’t give you any stats on it but suffice to say it can take on a greater deamon. According to the story it is a fire elemental summoned by the dwarves and bound within armour. But its’ time is limited as it slowly (quickly?) burns itself out and is most often in the form of a bull or a humanoid.

Grimbold Blackhammer

Kera foehunter:

Nice !! I love to see that in person!! be cause the picture is assume


Thanks guys. Am just trying to set up a proper photo booth to take photos of it. Hope to have something up this weekend. Cheers


I really like that little cutie, well done!

And whats next? :hat off


Thanks again… not sure what is next in the realm of Chaos Dwarfs… I have some of Scibors models coming from a recent eBay lot that I won… but those will be on my Ottoman blog ( link in signature ). Just not sure when I will get to it as I have a few “other” projects on the go. But some of them are just too good to let sitting around so I hope to get some time to work on them sooner than later.


Ok so some final photos of the K’Daai… not sure if I like these photos more than my normal ones, but am still experimenting with cameras and light boxes so…

And the deamonsmith that summoned him…



dude, this project turned out to be an awesome one. can’t wait to take it to the tourney this weekend.