[Archive] 'Fire' LED Lighting kit



I ran across this today, and thought someone may be interested in using this to add ‘fire’ lighting effects to their models.




Very clever. A pity the LoTR Balrog isn’t hollow.


I used some of these:

They’re called grain of rice bulbs. Micromark sells them. I had a really condescending electronics store clerk tell me that there’s no such thing as ‘grain of rice’ bulbs, and he laughed and corrected me that they’re called ‘grain of wheat’. I couldn’t be bothered to tell him that they’re actually two different sizes. The only down side with the Micromark ones is that they’re really made for something that’s plugged into a wall outlet as opposed to battery powered. My K’daai use these ones though, the plan is to house the batteries inside the unit-filler. To get the 12 V you need to run them adequately you need 23A batteries. Depending on purpose and how many you plan to use it’s also good to consider whether having multiple bulbs/LEDs in series or parallel is more desirable.

Anyway, the LEDs look nice, and I really like that you have a choice of size and voltage!! Very nice find. I pick mine up at bulk electronics shops, but they don’t always have a good selection of voltages or focussed/direct versus diffuse lighting for the LEDs. Seems most these days are focussed for electronics where you’re almost always looking at it from the same direction. For most model applications I prefer the ones that emit a diffuse multidirectional light so that you get good shadowing and coverage.