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Is it possible to sculpt fire onto a model? Or do they sell some kinds of translucent plastic fire in hobby shops?

My idea is based on an old Roman scare tactic - they’d soak pigs in raw pitch and herd them towards the enemies and then light them on fire with a burning arrow.

I think CD’s would do that… with slaves. :mask


Ah yes, that was how the Romans used to frighten the Cathaginian Elephants.

Kind of funny, actually (unless you’re a pig).

Anyhow, I would think fire would be fairly easy to sculpt with Greenstuff. Just layer multiple small strands of thin rolled out greenstuff on top of each other until you get the effect of flames rising in the air.


Fire is actually incredibly hard to sculpt realistically in my experience.

Best thing I can suggest is to build a base shape in roughly the same sized area you want first.��I.e. if its a slave on fire, you could first stick some long rolls of GS on his back (sticking out about 1cm) and dig some deep grooves into it. If possible, cut each roll down to smaller strands (still attached at base) before attaching the lump.��Making them pointed at the end helps.

With these strands, very carefully press lines in from one end to the other on a couple of sides.��They don’t have to be continuous lines, but it might help.� You might want to do these strands different lengths.

Carefully twist these around a bit so it looks a lot more textured.

As reference material is always helpful:



Check out the Generals Compendium. Not only is there rules for fire but tips on how to model it from GS

Kera foehunter:

bill you can use part of the ogrelead belcher they have fire on there torches and the new empire flagellants have flame parts if your doing small scale fire

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I like your idea, Bill-117 - it is definitely chaosdwarfy and will please Hashut if you send some burning slaves towards the enemy! :slight_smile:

HERE is a link that might help you. Don’t forget to show us your sculpts when they are done!


Fire is relatively easy. First get a blob of greenstuff and stick it on the surface you want the flames to be on, shaping a little with your fingers. Next use your clippers to form the basic shape by twisting the green stuff, then finish off by defining individual tongues of flame with a sculpting tool, the more the better. This works better with slightly cured GS, and in some cases you may need an armature


ill see if i can get my hands on another camera and snap a shot of my fire mage.


Don’t use greenstuff. Take some toilet paper, twist it to get a flame-like shape and soak it in superglue. That’s how I do fire.


- Kyte

Kera foehunter:

Thanks kyte i never thought of that sounds cool