[Archive] Fireborn Blazing body madness


So I was talking with a rules savvy friend of mine and we got into a debate about blazing body. Here is the crux of our difference. Every model in base to base contact with a model with the blazing body rule gets a st4 hit at the start of the combat before blows are struck.

So does that literally mean every model or only so many. Let me clear it up with an example.

Unit A is 10 models wide on 20mm bases. You have 6 fire born which are 40mm bases and are in contact with the entire front rank. Do you only hit 10 models or do you go down the line and count every single model in base to base contact. With each fireborn and thats how many attacks you get?

Which in this case would be 22.

1st fire born is in base base with 3 models on 20mm bases, next one is in base to base with 4 models on 20mm bases. If you repeat this process you end up with 4 fireborn in base to base with 4 models each (16 in total) and two on the “wings” in base to base with 3 each (6 in total) for a grand total of 22.

Now we both have our reasons for figuring this either way, but currently neither of us can make a solid statement that confirms or denies either one of our theories.

Lastly mind you that we are not power gamers, we just can not figure out the correct answer.


Just the 10 friend.

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Groznit Goregut:

The FAQ addresses it. I was just reading it yesterday. Just one.