[Archive] Fireglaives with shields


Fireglaives are bought as an addition rather than as a replacement it seems.

Does that mean they retain thier shields for the purposes of saves vs shooting? The ‘requires two hands’ rule would imply that they would.

If so, where are the shields in the Forgeworld Fireglaives units that they sell?

EDIT: It appears to be the same for great weapons

Hashut’s Blessing:

There’s no rule stating that buying a new weapon means you can’t use your save against shooting or magic - so you always get to use your shield against ranged attacks, unless the attacs says no armour saves.

Rearding where are the shields - they don’t have them, lol :stuck_out_tongue: If you want them WYSIWYG, then you’ll have to procure some from elsewhere. That being said, since the shield is part of their basic equipment, you can use it even without it being modelled on.


Ah! Very Good.

I am a big Hats player so I am not affected by the Forgeworld items however it is good to know for games coming up.

Having a 3+ save on Fireglaives vs shooting is going to be a little more handy :slight_smile: