[Archive] First 8ed battle 1000 pt vs Chaos Warriors


Hi all!

Today I’ve played my first battle in two years and also with 8ed rules, although I did not know them completely and basically my army was made of my actual CD miniatures, so you’ll see it’s not the army you would choose, no magic items, etc. Let’s go with the list:

Hero: 2H, HA, Sh (in 2H unit)

Sorcerer lvl 2 (fire) (in the other unit)

15 Warriors: 2H, Com. Group

16 Warriors: Com. group

17 Blunderbuss

20 Hobgoblin: Sh

Death Rocket


My opponent had 2x5 barbarian fast cavalry, 2x5 warhouds, 15x warriors, 3 ogres, paladin on juggy and sorcerer lvl2 on disc.

I’ll try to summarize:

He started playing and in my turn I already felt surrounded. I deployed the 4 units together with the two cannons on the rear. So, I waited for their charges, trying to reduce their army with magic and shooting. Cannons did almost nothing, but two firing turns of blunderbusses with S5 was great against his warirors.

Thanks to poisonous forests his warhound units became stuck almost all the battle. The other units arrived to me soon. Thanks to my bigger units I could pass all Ld tests as stubborn (ranks) when losing, so I stopped their full army until last turns.

Result was a draw but I won by 60 pts aprox.

- War machines did not work well due to bad rolls, so I cannot judge.

- Warriors: I saw I can equip all units with 2H weapons in order to strike back stronger (2 ranks!) without worrying about sufering additional wounds (depends on enemy unit, I know).

- Blunderbuss unit only had 1 target to make profit (warriors), but result was great.

- Hobgoblins stopped the paladin in combat even loosing 3 miniatures per turn, thanks to general Ld and stubborn.

- Magic system was new for me, both sides could cast powerful spells, I still don’t see a big advantage of getting more sorcerers than enemy, but I want to try.

It’s clear for me this WH edition aims to big battles, so I’m thinking on 2.000 point army. It would include centaurs unit, more greenskin units, increase warrior units size (all 2H), additional blunderbuss unit, bolt throwers, 2-3 sorcerers and maybe great taurus.

It’s very late in the night here, sorry if explanation makes you confuse.