[Archive] First 8th Edition game (CD vs OK)


I hadn’t played my CDs for a while, so I thought I’d dust them off for my first 8th edition game last night.  Actually, games.  8th Edition, IMO, seems to move much faster than 7th.  We got in 2 1500 pt games in a 3 hour time span.  Granted, my opponent conceded in both games, but he had good reason.

My list:

Chaos Dwarf Lord on Taurus

lvl 2 Death Sorcerer

lvl 2 Fire Sorcerer

20 CD warriors- full command, hand weapon/shield

18 Blunderbussers, no command

40 Hobgoblins- Musician

39 Hobgoblins- Musician

2 Doom Rockets

2 Bolt Throwers


His list:

Ogre Tyrant with Thundermace


6 Bulls

4 Iron guts

4 Lead Belchers

20 Gnoblars

Scrap Launcher

The first game was the longer one.  I was amazed at the amount of terrain we were supposed to put out.  I didn’t want to drag out the 6x4 table, so we threw a battle mat over the kitchen table, so it was only about 5.5 x 3, so we each only had a 6" deployment zone to maintain the 24" starting distance between us.  The table was loaded with scenery, and most of it did something weird; we particularly enjoyed the Arcane ruins that spat out spells every magic phase.  We were getting troop boosts and in one combat, both units were equidistant from the ruins, so they both got hit with a fireball.  We were laughing at those stupid ruins all night.  :D

True line of sight helped throughout the battle for shooting, and the templates were simply brutal with the D3 and D6 damages that they were handing out.  Each game was done by the top of turn 4, as he only had a couple units left and no general both times.  Artillery really seems to be king in this edition along with infantry.  I didn’t tell my opponent which army I was bringing, so he didn’t bring an gorgers to show up behind my artillery, which probably would have made a difference.

Holy crap the CD infantry can slug it out!  In both games, they overcame the Ogre bulls that they charged.  Their higher weapon skill stopped the bulls from getting too many hits, so I consistently beat him by 2 or 3 points each time, and I ran him down when he fled!  :cheers

Magic wasn’t too spectacular, as we both consistently had bad conjuring rolls throughout both games.  There was one round where he dominated with his Ogre magic, but it still didn’t do very much.  No miscasts, although I rolled double ones and freaked out until I realized that that doesn’t miscast anymore (right?).

Anyway, greatly enjoyed it… I’m starting to get the itch to build up my CD some more…:wink:

Gar Shadowfame:

D3 and D6 damages
which template weapons do that, as i recall stonethrowers only do 1 wound (only model under the hole suffers more than 1)


hmmm… maybe I was reading the rules wrong… We were doing D6 for all the stone thrower wounds and D3 for all the Bolt Thrower wounds… That would’ve probably made a difference if that only works for the center hole… :confused:

Gar Shadowfame:

stone thrower definitely deals 1 wound under the template and d6 under the hole


yeah, I just verified and emailed my friend to apologize… crap.


It’s still brutal, just not as brutal as you thought.

I suggest you buy your opponent a beer and explain your error! You can then have a re-match!

Gar Shadowfame:

sounds like good solution, especialy the beer part


lol, will do. :cheers