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hey there, this is my first post on this forum so hi to all, i have been looking at collecting a chaos dwarf army for some time now and after looking on this site and seeing some of the amazing things which can be done with the battle for skull pass miniatures i decided i would finally give it a go.

i have a battle for skull pass box set coming to me as a christmas present but i am currently doing some experimentation on some dwarfs i got free from games workshop (jesus, those words dont appear in the same sentence all that often).

anyway the models we metal and so hav resulted with me placing a few deep cuts into one of my thumbs (yer i know, you should always cut away from urself) but i soldiered on through and here are my end results, please not i did only intend them to be a rough idea of that the finished product could be like… also the parts of the body which are painted silver are my brothers doing and not my work lol

this one has a mask taken from one of the posessed arm shoulder pads, the other shoulder pad which everyone uses is better but for some reason im having trouble doing a green studd cast of that one.

here i had a go at sculpting a basic face and moustash. i think it turned out ok as i dont realy have that much experience with green stuff, just gap filling mostly,

anyway your thoughts woul be most appreciated,

peace out��

Ghrask Dragh:

Congratulations, some great looking Chaos Dwarfs!

The skull mask on the first one looks amazing, excellent job on the beard! The Green stuff on the sorcerer is also very good, love that moustache!!! :cheers

considering you have only used GS as filler I think you have made a brilliant start and will definetly churn out some evil looking Chaos Dwarfs when you get your BFSP set, roll on Christmas!! :cheers

and welcome to the forum :hat off


cheers, i actually wasn;t too sure about the mask so its nice to hear u like it, think i might hav to see if i can find a few bfsp dwarfs on ebay or something to hav another practice at. christmas is just so far away when you are geared up to start something

Kera foehunter:

i like it !! bugman rangers goes wild. Whoo hooo


They look cool! great potential here. Love the moustache on the bighat!


Awesome. Your beards are so better than mine.


Welcome to the Forum! Nice work with greenstuff, another bloody natural! I’d say some of the models still look a bit Dwarfy to me though, how the hell did you get free models from GW?!?!


Hi welcome,good start there i really like your bighats face and moustache you can just see him curling the end while laughing manically:hat off


very nice



hey thanx to you all for your kind comments, the free models from GW where actually some sort of giveaway of old stock which they couldn;t sell no more. for every �10 you spent you got to take a dip in this lucky bg full of different bliser packs.

all this just happened to be on the same day as i was going in to buy 2 gamesday tickets allong with coach travel, so i got 9 dips and 5 of the blisters ended up being dwarfs.

not a bad haul if i say so myself

peace out chaps


Nice! Looking good so far, keep us posted!