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Hi guys,

I�?Tm after a bit of advice for an upcoming game against High Elves. It will be 2000pts mark and will be my first game using LoA at this points value. There is the option to go up to 2500 if we think we can get time to finish it.

The models I Have are as follows:-

Drazhoath The Ashen (which may be used as a Sorcerer Prophet on a Great/Bale Taurus)

Sorcerer Prophet


Infernal Castellan

23 Infernal Guard full command, hand Weapon and Shield)

20 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

Iron Daemon

6 K�?TDaai Fire Born

Magma Cannon

3 Bull Centaurs (full command)

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders (spears FC optional)

Hell Cannon (though I don�?Tt want to field this as it is currently unpainted)

All I know so far is that he will be bringing High Elves.

Any thoughts on what I should take?




Hello Vogon,

Edit: removed link, search for high elves on scribd and you can find some useful links there…

Note that its the 7th edition although I belive this is current for High Elves.

The main thing I noticed when I looked through it was that their elite units are squishy. Theyre solid at attacking, very solid in fact, but most only have a 4+ or 5+ save and T3. Easily wounded with a magma cannon, and a big unit of blunderbussers with D3 shots and re-rollable to wound hits on an elite unit with T3 and a 5+ save = high elf unit death, due to the -1 from blunderbusses.

Their dragon princes look pretty solid… Bull centaur proof though? Probably not. I’m not sure what everyone else thinks but if it was me, after looking through their army book, I’d try and go as elite combat unit heavy as possible, say 2 larger units of centaurs with GW’s or the armour piercing standard with another hand weapon to take out his knights. Their infantry arent usually difficult to deal with apart from the fact that they fight in 3 ranks. Ironsworn may be a viable option due to their higher WS, making it harder for their units to hit - a lot of their units have WS5 or even WS6. Completely unsure about how to tackle their lords, though. And their special characters look nasty.


Hi CD007,

Thanks for that. First off I�?Tm pretty sure that posting links like this breaks forum rules so I�?Td remove it before you get a telling off from the Mods :wink:

Unfortunately I don�?Tt have time to get or paint any more models up before next Thursday so I have to work with what I have.

I�?Tve fought Elves before but never at this high a points value, by first target will be his swordmasters with my K�?TDaai as that always works out well :slight_smile: Though I�?Tm sure he�?Tll try and protect them this time.

My guess is that he�?Tll be bringing Dragon Princes to hamper as much of my fire based attacks as he can but I�?Tll try to counter that with the Bull Centaurs.

I guess my question revolves more around the options and magic items that would be useful agains elves, particularly equipping my Sorcerer prophet to make him relatively survivable.




What you need to look out for:

Shadow archmage: can seriously weaken your troops, or take them out altogether with PoS. Also mindrazor turns spearmen into killing machines.

Light coven: lots of mages taking light to get high strength banishments.

Dragon armour on heroes and dragon princes: obviously

Amulet of light: gives the unit magical attacks

White lion horde: up to 20 WS5 S6 asf attacks will ruin anybody’s day. Also have 3+ save against shooting

Eagles: annoying as hell. Especially against 300 point train.

How to mitigate against this:

Chalice: It doesn’t matter how good his archmage is, if he doesn’t have any power dice he can’t cast spells.

Bull centaurs: after the first round, or if they didn’t charge, his cavalry are S3 and won’t dent a bull centaur.

Wolf khans: divert any big unit, Use your normal hobbos for this.

Shooting: shoot any eagles as soon as you can, even a unit of hobbos with bows can do it.

Other than that, standard stuff applies: as good an armour save and ward save on your heroes and lords as you can. Death can also be useful, as can hashut, especially ashstorm.



Thanks for that.

My initial thoughts for my list (at 2000pts) are

Lvl4 Sorcerer Prophet (Lore of Hashut)

Lvl2 Daemonsmith (Lore of Fire)

Dark Castellan

20 Infernal Guard (hand weapon and shield full command)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

3 Bull Centaurs (Shield full command)

6 K�?TDaai Fire born (Manburner)

Magma Cannon (Hellbound)

Hobgoblin wolf raiders (Spears and musician)

Leaving me approximately 100pts for magic stuff for my characters, which is where I get stuck. Any advice on what would be good on the characters I have?




Well 100 Points is not much to equip 3 characters. I would recommend the 4 up ward for your prophet and if you can spare another 10 points, use the Mask of the Furnance on your Castellan mabye.

On the other hand, if you keep your sorcerers behind, just take a dispel scroll. If i consider my last games and how often i have been miscasting, i would recommend an earthing rod onto your prophet.

If you are keen enough, just give your castellan a shield, the Mask and make him the BSB. Or leave the shield and buy two magic ones for your sorcerers.


Apart from Korhil and one magic sword, I don’t think high elves have killing blow, so a ward save might not be necessary, unless they snipe you with magic. However, all hero/lords will be S6 as they’ll all have great weapons (and still have asf) so a solid armour save (possibly with a reroll from dawnstone or luckstone) is necessary if you are doing without a ward.

100 points isn’t much but you could have:

Daemonsmith with charmed shield

bsb with mask of the furnace

Sorcerer with enchanted shield and dawnstone

You could drop the champions on the fireborn and bull centaur units to give you a few extra points.


Thanks to you both for that, I�?Tll probably drop the Hellbound on the Magma Cannon, I only really took it in case my opponent does that ethereal thing that elf mages can cast, and see if I can fit in some more magic items.

Current list looks like this

Sorcerer Prophet (Lvl4, Lore of Hashut, Talisman of Preservation)

Castellan (Mask of the furnace, Great Weapon)

Daemonsmith (Lvl2, Lore of Fire, Talisman of Protection)

20 Infernal Guard (Full Command)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

3 Bull Centaurs (Hand Weapon and shield Full command)

6 K�?TDaai (Manburner)

Magma Cannon

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders (Spears, Champ, musician)

By My reckoning that�?Ts 2002 points