[Archive] First Blood - 1500 pt LoA vs Gobbos BatRep



last month I played a 1.5k game vs the gobbos. Read more on that on my blog.


Nice battle report. A good read. Look forward to seeing some of your models on the site.


We just had another match the past weekend… have posted the photos and what not on my blog also… not as good of a read as the first one, but it was a larger game ( 3000 pts ) and so just put up the highlights to it.

Will be building up a proper Destroyer for burock soon enough… should be a sight to see hopefully :slight_smile:


And another battle report using the Chaos Dwarfs vs the Dark Elfs.

Have to say that I am learning that I am just not cut out for using warmachines at this time. They seem to all blow up within the first 2 turns or get stuck in with some combat much faster than I anticipated. Though, in all fairness, my list building skills need work here :)  I think 4 war machines, and 2 blocks of CDs with 3 heroes is just not a good mix at 2000 points :slight_smile:

Back to the drawing board!!


Just had another game over the weekend, and am having a blast playing with the new list. I think I am finally getting the hang of using them, and also how to make some battle reports!

Let me know what you think!

Just need to buckle down, and get the army painted then, and get some more terrain bought/painted for the future. What is more cool is that so far every game that I have played this year has included the CDs in it one way or another. Either with me playing them or Burock playing them.


You absolutely need to make room for a lv1 with fire magic, so that he can babysit the artillery and reroll those misfires, and shoot fireballs at anything that is approaching.


Am really seeing that… its either the war machine baby sitter, or no war machines… either or… those changes need to be made… will see how the next game goes, and if it makes any real difference.