[Archive] First CD Head (sans Big Hat)


Hi All,

Just like to post my first CD head for opinions.  Hats to come soon.


Converted from Dwarf warrior kit head.  I chose these over BFSP dwarves solely because i’m a sucker for posable stuff.



[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Kera foehunter:

Omg he beheading dwarfs. It look good .I try to stay away from the bfsm stuff too. I use alot of version 6 stuff for my converions.

can’t wait to the hat.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Looks like someone cut off the left side of his beard, how cruel! Nice sculpting, tho. ^^


looking god so far!

have you got any ideas how your going to make your big hats? its great we have another big hatter on board! most people seem to be going towards masks lately, must be that video some dude called xander has somewhere . . . ishkur should make a video for the big hats, just to even it out!


Masks are due to Hellcannon, not me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even I still use hats on occasion. :wink:


Doesnt look too Chaosy at the mo but guess that bits yet to come :slight_smile:


Hey All,

Many thanks for your comments.

Big Hats = Push Pins. They will be trimmed down, only the long and thin hat style will be full height. Lots of detailing will then be added on (skulls, lightning bolts, arrows, the Hashut Symbol) in plasticard that has been heated and bent to the surface. This is where most of the ‘chaosyness’ will be in the model. Also weapons will be swapped for marauder ones where requires & shields too. Sorry, no fangs or inordinately big noses. The chaos mutations (which I can only put these down to) will be saved for Heroes, Sorcerors & possibly unit champions, in the style of the Chaos Marauders. The hats will stay BIG for two reasons:

1) The scale in the 1994 models is at least 1 part hat - 1 part dwarf. Characters are bigger (!). Thus, hat size will be a form of rank denominator amongst my units. I will scale it down a bit from this to add just a tad of realism…

2) The military reason for big hats (make your soldiers appear taller and less vulnerable & demoralize the enemy as a result) is probably really valid in the chaos wastes. If I was a Chaos Spawn then i’d certainly think that anything 3 feet tall would make for an easy meal.

For the other big hat style (Which a mate has affectionately called the ‘dildohead’ style) A trip to the lathe will be required to do masters. I plan on resincasting all my big hats to save work later on.

More photos to come soon.




I think adding a green nose would go far, but hey thats me!

Beard looks good!


Do you mean a green nose, as in colour, or a green stuff nose?


Nice work my friend! Would look good with a big nose and tusks IMHO


Like his flowing beard lets see the bighat then:P