[Archive] First CD list, Indy army book


Hi all. I’m posting my first CD army list based on the Indy army book. Any advice and comments are welcome :slight_smile:

Overlord(145) on Great Taurus(230), Hammer of Hashut(45), Scale Mail of Gazrakh(30) - 450

Daemonsmith(110), shield(2), 2 x Dispell scroll(50) - 162

Slavemaster(65), BSB(25), Sword of Might(20), Enchanted shield(10) - 120

Great Bull Centaur(100), chaos a.(10), gw(4), shield(2) - 116

24 Chaos Dwarf warriors(8) with hw, heavy a., shield(1) with FC(25) - 241

10 Annihilators - 120

10 Annihilators - 120

5 Hobgoblin wolf riders(12), spears(1), daemon eyes(1), musician(6) - 76

5 Hobgoblin wolf riders(12), spears(1), daemon eyes(1), musician(6) - 76

18 Obsidian guard(13), shields(1), great w.(2), FC(30) - 318

2 Hobgoblin Bolt throwers - 70

5 Bull centaurs(18), great w.(2), shield(1), chaos a.(6) - 135

5 Bull centaurs(18), great w.(2), shield(1), chaos a.(6) - 135

Earthshaker - 100

Total: 2239

The idea is to put the Daemonsmith into CD warriors, BSB into the Obsidian guard and Great bull centaur in one of the Bull centaur units.

CD warriors, Obsidian guard and Annihilators form the center of the battle line. Annihilators possibly grouped together to maximize the fire on units they have in sight.

Bull centaurs go down the flank/s for flank charges and taking out small units of knights and wolf riders go in the middle to be a nuisance to the enemy and to divert enemy units.

Lord on Taurus does whatever a large flying monstrosity does :slight_smile:

Machines hang back and fire away.

My main concern is enemy magic as I have only 3 dispel dice and 2 scrolls.

Any thoughts, ideas or advice?


From what i can see that looks a very good list, i use the RH list and have not written a list from the Indy GT one so i am not sure what the slavemaster does, so i would say that if you drop him in favour of another Daemon smith that should sort out the anti magic problem :slight_smile:


Looks like a descend list. I would give the magic armour that also give a ward save to your lord but for the rest i would play a few games before changing it.

dont worry to much a bout your magic defense, in most cases you only really need to dispel 1 spell a turn at max (screw those D6 s4 hist, they dont do much damage) and if someone brings a real magical problem the 2 dispels will last for as long as it takes to get you Taurus do deal with the problem.

good luck.

[edit] It might be useful if I told you that I dont play the indy list, but I studied and played against the list many times.  [/edit]


It’s not the magic missiles that I fear. But playing with armies that can have 8+ PD that seem to be popular in my neck of the woods it can be a challenge to contain those few important spells.
Has anyone tried playing with a Kollosus tower or Inferno golems(I was thinking a unit of 4 models)? Are they worth it?


I’ve not yet tried the Kollosus, but I feel fairly confident saying that it doesn’t look like your list could afford to lose the 330 points to afford one.  It’s super-cool, but doesn’t hit very hard in melee, and the crew are exposed like skinks on the back of a stegadon.  The “Daemon Phlegm” is an unbelievably good ability, but even with this excellent attack, I believe that you’ll be hard-pressed to earn your points back.

As for the Inferno Golems: I love them, but it competes for space with the Bull Centaurs.  For myself, I built a very magic-heavy army, so I really wanted the extra bound spell that came with the Golems - but for more mobility, and the ability to hit at strength 6, I’d go with the centaurs…  Just keep them close to your lord, as their LD took a hit in the GT Book.  Golems are better anvils - centaurs are better hammers.

Per magic phase: might I recommend losing the Bull Centaur character and one of the chaos dwarf warriors from the 24-strong regiment (125 points), and replacing them with another daemonsmith with a dispel scroll, which would bring your army total to 2249 points - 4 dispel dice, three scrolls.