[Archive] First CD list


I’m painting up my new Chaos Dwarf army (blog here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=14561) and I’m looking for opinions on the first list so I paint up the right models. If you’re looking for what else I have access to, check the blog.

Sorcerer-Prophet Level 4, Pistol, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation

Dark Castellean, Pistol, Battle Standard Bearer, Black Hammer of Hashut, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone

30 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard Hailshot Blunderbuss, Napitha bomb, Full command, Hailshot Blunderbuss, Naphtha Bomb, Gleaming Pennant

Hobgoblin Khan - Wolf, Light Armour, Shield, Warrior Bane

50 Hobgoblins Cutthroats, 2 HW, full command

Daemonsmith Sorcerer, Dispel Scroll

1 Deathshrieker Death Rocket

1 Deathshrieker Death Rocket

1 Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon, Hellbound

1 Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon, Hellbound

1 K’daai Destroyer

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders w/Bows

2500 points