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i recently purchased the first edition core books off ebay and was wondering if anyone owns or plays or has played first edition before.

happy tuesday regards sundrinker :hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That must be a Kool find. What armies were around back then?


lets see

we have


the new slann empire


norse dwarfs



dark elves

sea elves

plain ol, elves

imperial cathan (cathay)

old world imperialists

old world city states

goblin raiders

there is also amention of the creation of the black dwarfs but no rules or further background is given in the book. but this the embryo of chaos dwarfs. so magical (weeps tenderly)

the lizard men are simply wild animals. the skinny slann (as opposed to morbidly obese slann) rule lustria.

undead are given rules but there is no army list

the tomb kings dont exist

the empire is i think old world imperialists

orcs and goblins are serperate lists

there is also a whole truck load of random creatures with no affiliations like the jabberwock, centaurs and the ever popular giant snail and loads of others.


warhammer has come a long way…

what is a jabberwock?

giant snail?the most slow monster in the world?what does it do?spitting slime?


Sea Elves? I imagine they’re more like High Elves with normal Elves being Wood Elves? No?


That is awesome! great find! I’ve never seen those, I’ve seen the next edition stuff… my friend in High School had them… they were originally deviations of D&D… more of a role playing game… then they branched into tabletop battles… good history there!


Sea elves I believe were incorporated into the High Elves, in third edition the Sea elves were most well known, would fight for the High Elves and sometimes hire themselves out as mercenaries.


warhammer has come a long way...

what is a jabberwock?

giant snail?the most slow monster in the world?what does it do?spitting slime?

This is a Jabberwock! :hat off

This one is from Blood Moon Minis

But once there were a GW- and a quite cool Ral Patha one available!

I never saw the 1st edition Rulebook - not in a fantasy store nor at ebay!

The first Warhammer Rulebook I bought was the 3rd edition, together with the Army Book!

At that time the Amazons, Cathay were gone. The Old World Imperialists had changed to Empire, Bretonnia and Tilean and Estelian Mercenarys.
The Elves were divided into Dark-, High- and Wood Elves - the Sea Elves were an integral part of thr High Elves!



thanx zanko,looks like you know nearly every miniature out there :wink:

so a jabberwock is some kind of dragon with a very stupid name,again something learned at cdo :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Look for the Monty Python movie of the same name.


The Jaberwock is also a monster at the new Alice in wonderland - film of Tim Burton!

@ Hazkar: Thanx for the compliment but other members (as clam!) knows much more minis or background or …! :hat off

               My only advantage(?) is to be quite old and so I have seen many stuff in this time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



First edition rulebook is a very rare item - and I have only seen a very few of these at sale on eBay the last 2 years.

- But in 2008 (at the 25th Warhammer anniversary) Games Workshop release a special edition of the game rules.  It vas a box set with a leather bound hardback version of the 7th ed rulebook but also a reprint of the first edition rulebook. They were sold at £100 and only 2500 copies were made.

You can be lucky finding that one at eBay as well.  

Btw: May I ask where you found it - and perhaps also, what you had to pay for it?

About Jabberwock - I have a picture of the Citadel one - but can’t find it right now - but here is a drawing of the creature:

EDIT: Ohh I forgot - the Ral Partha/Ironwind one:


There is an old picture on this page that explains the origins:



Oh back when a dragon was a dragon not a snake with wings. Those were the days!


That doesn’t sound like the First Edition of Warhammer to me. Looking at the army lists of the Forces of Fantasy, the differences are:

* Amazons weren’t in the army lists as this boxed set predates the 2nd Citadel Compendium which mentions them for use in Warhammer games.

* Cathay was not an army, but Samurai/Japan was. Listed as “Men of the Orient” they had kamikaze, vim-to monks, etc. The word Cathay is not mentioned and its clearly oriented towards a japanese style.

* There was no distinction between new slann and old slann. Just Slann.

* Just dwarfs, no Norse Dwarfs at all.

* Armies of Giants, “Red Goblins”, hobgoblins, gnomes, halflings…

* Norse humans, “Men of the North”

* When it came out, the Old World had yet to be fully developed as a setting, IIRC, so most of what we call the “Warhammer world” were still closer to their real world roots than they are now.

Perhaps you’re looking at a copy of the 2nd Edition of Warhammer, when it first became known as “Warhammer Fantasy Battle” - the one with the Bloodbath at Ork’s Drift as a supplement?


i am sad to announce tat i was sold the second edition books under the guise of warhammer 1st edition.


they only say warhammer but if you read the mass of credits and publishing info you find it is infact second edition


ebay liar will die!!!

(picks up hachet and plane tickets)


ACk! bummer, still a cool set of books though from the sound of it! good luck with the hatchet!


Don’t worry - you can have a second hance atgetting the right one:


Cant tell if its a reprinted version, though.


thanks clam i might just buy it if it proves cheaper than another i saw on there.


My pleasure - and good luck with the auction.