[Archive] First Ever Army blog please be gental

Mad Dave:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Mad Dave:

so that my magma cannon up heres a few pics of my Dread Quake

Mad Dave:

Heres my Iron Daemon

Mad Dave:

Here’s my hero’s


The war machines look great as they are, a bit “heavy/thick” on the hero’s paint but nothing to be ashamed of besides you’re yet another who is ahead of me for starting their blog.

Mad Dave:

Thanks Abecedar, im still learning about how to do layering. I do have a bad habbit of putting paint on thick/heavy not sure how to cure myself of this bad habbit. but thank you for the feed back.

Ghrask Dragh:

Hi dave, I hear your mad, hows that going?  :)

Well youve done a great job on the warmachines there, those things are beasts :cheers with the painting mate is always best to but thinner than you think is enough '- if you put thinner its always easy to just add another thin layer but if your  paint is too thick from the start then you got nowhere to go :hat off just needs a little of this really annoying thing called patience :~ I suck at it

Cant wait for the next lot


Great job on the WM, looks awesome!!

Mad Dave:

I’ll give it a try, Ghrask Dragh ill try thinning my paint a bit more applying thinner layer.

Kera foehunter:

I like your skin ones. your red and metal on your war machine looks great too

Keep up the good work

Lava Lord:

Hey Mad Dave, A nice showing can’t wait to see more. Your ahead of me. My resolution is to start my own painting… It is great, so keep it up… :hat off

Mad Dave:

So Ive just finished off my DRAZHOATH THE ASHEN I’ll pop some pics up before the weekend just gotta fight with my camera iPhone just hope i can get the zoom working right.

I’m just going through the motions of preparing my next load of miniatures 3 of the new Bull Centaurs , Skull Cracker and the 4 heroes from forge world.