[Archive] First game with Chaos Dwarfs


Well the day has finally arrived, about 18 months since I joined this fine site and set about trying to collect a Chaos Dwarf army my big hats will finally see action.

Am playing a guy at the Newcastle Bunker tomorrow, his dwarfs vs my CDs. Any advice would be great.

Am planning to go with 2 blocks of 20 blunderbuss, one block of 20 warriors and then add heroes, bull centaurs, death rockets and hobgoblins.

Any pointers from the CDO community? Will probably go for a 1500 list.



As a Dwarf player he’ll probably fortify around a hill and stay put while shooting at you.  Your Chaos Dwarfs have short legs too, but it won’t be fun if neither of you moves so you might as well leave a little behind to protect your war machines and start marching while lobbing rockets into him.  An Earthshaker would be better though as it could shut down his shooting phase, especially since he’ll likely be bunched up.

I’d probably try to run a Hobgoblin meat shield out front and bring in Bull Centaurs on his flank.  Since you have so many blunderbusses you’ll need to get those into good use too, maybe by marching up till they are just in range of him then open up from outside his 6" charge range, all strength 5 if you can since he’ll probably be well armoured.


Well I won a very close game.

From memory he had 3 units of thunderers, 2 units of warriors, a cannon, organ gun, 2 bolt throwers and a few engineers and a thane.

The Bull centaurs and cd warriors combined to take out a large 25 dwarf warrior unit, one blunderbuss unit killed half a warrior unit before losing combat to them thanks to the thane in the unit, the other got peppered by bolts/thunderers and ran off.

I took a unit of 15 black orcs who did a great job of attracting fire away from my cds.

Both units of 10 hobbo archers i fielded racked up an impressive amount of bow kills. The star for me though was probably the death rocket I took, each turn it caused big casualties and didnt misfire once.

The last turn ended with my CD general challenging and defeating his thane general. Turn 6 ended with only a few thunderers left on the board. To be fair until turn 4 it could have gone either way but the centaurs and warriors slaughtering the large warrior unit opened up the gunline flanks.

Really fun game against a great opponent who enjoyed facing his first CD opponent.

Next a 2000 pointer!



The majority opinion seems to favor Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers over the Death Rocket, but my experiences have been much like yours.  This past weekend I played two games against a friend and in both games neither bolt thrower scored a wound, and only 1 hit between them.  Meanwhile the Death Rocket managed to take out a chariot with a strength 8 hit and almost always exploded exactly where I put it.  The only down side is that turn 1 of the second game it misfired and blew up, but that won’t happen very often.

Another benefit to the death rocket is that if an enemy flanker/flyer makes it into your war machines the chaos dwarfs are harder to wound and break and can tie up that enemy unit for a round or two where as Hobgoblins will drop like flies.  I’ll continue to take both though.

For your 2000 point game I suggest a Lord on a Taurus, Hero as a general (stick him in with the warriors), and an Earthshaker.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome! Long live the CD’s!

Soon I’ll be fighting with mine again!

Glory be to Hashut!