[Archive] first game with the LOA list

richard barby:

my first impresions of the list reading on line and reading the book over the weekend are they are really expencive and your not going to be running any more than 2 units of dwarfs. i think there are a lot of posibiltys and comboing units and spells together. your really going to need some diverters and redirecters

anyway i ran and will be running the following for a while

profit level 4 earthing rod lore of hashut and 4 up ward

D-smith fire level 2 scroll

dark castalain 4 up ward from big book

2 wolf rider heros spears and light armour

25 warriors great weapons fullcommand

2x 20 hobgoblin warriors fullcommand

20 archers muso

3 death rockets model wise i dont really have other options

2 x5 wolf riders

1 kadi destroyer

I played a WOC army used by a player from the national masters so it was going to be a hard first game

he had

2 heros 1 was bsb

level 2 lore of death

blocks of chosen and block of mark of t warriors

10 and 5 maruder cav 5 dogs

5 knight mark of k


6 chaos orgers

so i lost by about 1000 points in the end not because the list isnt very good but because of my mistakes and some less than flash dice rolls a lot of 1s when i needed 2+ to kill on the knights and the charriot

the game started really well i picked up all the chaff and the orges for the loss of 2 wounds on the mage from the death mage and a unit of wolf riders

the war machines with the level 2 where doing a good job but if you could do both the big pie and the center of the hole like regular stone throwers

the little heros on wolfs did a good job taking down the last few of a maruder unit game went down hill when i lost the last wound on the mage to a charriot charge (failed 3 ward saves in a row) and i got gready and made a charge in to the chosen with the kadi and the warriors with my warriors lost both for not much

and 2 death rockets at the death to the knights after gettign 3 hits and fluffing 2 of the wound rolls

if have played better i would of picked up a win it was all set for it but a good first go for the LOA