[Archive] First Go w/LoA at� � 2500pts


Long time lurker, first time poster here.  Tonight i played my first two games with the LoA army list at 2500pts vs WoCs.  The list i used is below, please also note that i play with a very competitive group, so 2 magma cannons was definitely expected and encouraged…

Prophet (LoH)

- Talis of Pres, Enchanted Shield, & Earthing Rod (even though i did not use it once!)

Castellan BSB

- GW and Mask of the Furnace

Daemonsmith (LoF)

33 IF’s w/GW’s, Bnr, Mus, and Flaming Bnr (deployed these 7 wide w/lord & bsb)

10 Fireglaives

24 Hobos w/Bnr, Mus, & add hw’s

2  Magma Cannons

4  BC’s w/Add HW’s, Bnr, & Mus



Highlights & Low lights…

Went 1 and 1 with this list.  What was alot of fun was the fact that we brought the 3rd eye of tzeentch and i got to play w/LoH and against it at the same time.  

The game i lost i lost the Kdaai on turn one from the 6th spell from LoH by failing the toughness test at -2, and my BC’s from a poor flee roll and a 20inch charge from Marauder horsemen.

In both games, My Hobo’s with hatred took on marauders i softened up  with magma cannon shoots, buffed with breathe of hatred and stole their lunch money and ate their breakfast.

Also in both games the hellcannon’s 1st shot on top of a chosen block was a direct hit and misfire.  In addition both times, i rolled a 6 for misfire chart and it therefore became a monster.  It was an outstanding roaming monster.  I would not leave home w/out this game.

Furthermore, in both games the fireglaives were great as protectors for my magma cannons.  Shooting and combat was great with these guys.  They handled khorne Marauder horsemen w/flails with ease.  

In the future, i want to drop the 4 man BC unit and figure out a way of cramming in 2 unit of 3 BC’s with bnr & mus, one w/GW’s and the other with Add HW’s.  I really needed cheap drops and these 2 would fit the bill nicely.

Anywho!  Please share your thoughts on my list!


Welcome! As in K’daii you mean the K’daii Destroyer, correct? What type of army would you like?



Yes to the destroyer question and sorry for the late reply. I want a competitive army. However how good the destroyer was after my first couple of games and from reading all the b*tch’n about the destroyer on Warseer, i am becoming concerned. I do play however that no matter what the strength value a roll of a 6 wounds it.

Perhaps this belongs on another thread, but really curious to hear from the CDO group’s overall consensus is on the matter of it and whether or not it is OP…


This is maybe a better thread for discussing the Destroyer: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10223