[Archive] first LoA for friendly tournament 1750 pts


I’ve looking this site for a while and it’s awesome, and one of the reasons to start following Hashut, and because i love the dwarf fluff

so i bought some mantic abyssal dwarf (great minis), the battalion box said 42 units + missile launcher, but you can get 50 using all the possible bits (in my case 20 sword and shield full command,20 hailshoters full command, 9 artillery crew, 1 BSB, 1 Deathshrieker ) and a friend make me a cannon (as hellcannon or magma) and also brought 2 resin dwarfs, so to this moment all i need is find a missing torso(for a crew member) and make another Deathshrieker or magma cannon … and of course paint them all.

I will upload some pictures … when i got some spare time

Anyways next mont we are going to have a friendly tournament in our LGG and I’m going with the LoA, the opponents are 2 Ogre players(against one i will testplay the list he has those mounted ogres and the ogre with cannon, scary models), a vampire count, wood elves, O&G

This is going to be my first time playing fantasy, and i need help for the list because i want to have fun so competitiveness is not important(so no destroyer this time), but win a few matches it’s not bad thing after all

The idea is to use the two ranks of IG the shield and sword with the Castellan BSB(1) and the Hailshot With the prophet (2) and the Smith with two magma cannon and the missile launcher, as grand battery (3)

And the general idea is to use the hailshoot as ‘bait’ and use the infernals as hammer(both stands for armour piercing and to attack ‘fast’ +1M ) and use the warmachines to decimate opponents from long range

(1) (2)


But I’m not sure about the two magma cannons or use two missile launchers

Also can i use more than one magic banner, right?

So here is my list

+++ 1749pt Legion of Azgorh +++

+ Lords + (350pts)

* Sorceror Prophet (350pts) Charmed Shield, Level 4, Lore of Hashut, Talisman of Preservation

+ Heroes + (300pts)

* Daemonsmith Sorcerer (130pts) Level 2, Lore of Metal

* Infernal Castellan (170pts) Banner of Eternal Flame, Battle Standard Bearer, Dragonhelm, Gold Sigil Sword, Shield

+ Core + (709pts)

* 20x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (317pts) Full command, Razor Standard

* 20x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (392pts) Full command, Hailshot Blunderbuss

+ Special + (390pts)

* Deathshrieker Rocket * Magma Cannon * Magma Cannon

Lava Lord:

:hat An interesting idea for a game. You must post how the battle went. Also looking forward to some photos… Good Luck :hashut


id swap a magma for a shrieker and put a dispell scroll on the smith


The BSB can’t carry a magical banner AND other magical equipment.


Give the magic banner to the unit self and give the BSB more defensive gear, he is Stuborn, as long he is alive the unit stays.

Also, I fought the Magmacannon yesterday, its is freaking fantastic awesome uber everything, if you say its a ‘friendly’ tournament you might consider bringing just the one.