[Archive] First time out for my Legion of Azgorh


We went for a fairly non-standard 1200 point game which was basically everything I had painted and ready to game with.

I had

Daemonsmith Sorcerer
General; Lore of Fire; Magic Level 2; Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour

Infernal Castellan
Blackshard Armour Black Hammer of Hashut

23 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard  
Full command War Banner

Iron Daemon War Engine

3 K’daai Fireborn @ 165.0 Pts

Magma Cannon @ 145.0 Pts

He had (and I�?Tm sorry to be a bit vague)

Unit of 6 Bulls iron fists and full command led by Tyrant (7 models in total)

Unit of 6 Ironguts with Lvl 2 Butcher included (7 models in total) magic banner of flaiming attacks

Bruiser with Great weapon and arabian magic carpet

3 Leadbelchers

2 units of 10 gnoblar trappers

1 Gorger (sort of)

My set up (left to right)
K�?TDaai—Iron daemon—Infernal Guard with Castellan—Daemonsmith Magma Cannon


good battle report thanks for posting


good battle report thanks for posting

Second that :hat off