[Archive] First timer 750 points army list, help requested and appreciated



This is going to be my first army ever. I’ve been collecting random warhammer armies for a while but never finished one.

This list is meant as a beginners list which can be expanded later. The only game experience I got sofar was a battle for skull pass game.

The list:

Chaos Dwarf Hero          94

Great weapon, Armour of Gazrakh

Chaos Dwarf Sorceror 100

level 2

19x Chaos Dwarf Warriors 201

Full command

19x Chaos Dwarf Warriors 201

Full command

12x Hobgoblins 60


2x Bolt Thrower 90

Points I’d like to discuss:

-I think 2 heroes at this point level might be a bit much, but I like the idea of having 2 characters in my army

-I have no blunderbusses in my army. I hear they are pretty good, but I think they might be worth it more in larger games

-Is this viable list? It doesnt have to be very powerfull, but I would like to be able to win battles

-Any further advice a noob can use?


I think I might want to change the hobgoblin unit to either a large unit of 30 naked hob goblins, or 2 naked units of 15 if that is a better option

Any thoughts?


It seems ok… i would replace armor of G with armor of the Furnace, for the ward save.


Its pretty solid - however it lacks the things that make our list interesting and effective namely:

Bull Centaurs

Earth Shakers

Disposable 10 / 20 hobgoblin units.

The lost you have has little fire-power and next to no movement or ability to control the opponents movement - so what will happen if you are not careful is a clever opponent will isolate each dwarf combat unit flank, rear combine charge them destroy them and move on. The best this list could hope for in an average game is a draw.

Please don’t take that this as negative though as I assume the list is based around the models you have and this is a a good solid start (my 2k list has 2 units of 25 warriors and 4 bolt throwers) you just need to add some of the more dynamic elements and you will be away.

If you have access to other figures post them up here and i am sure people will give you further advice


Thanks for the advice so far guys.

About the models I have available: Good news! I’m in the middle of building/converting everything still. So far I’ve completed 10 warriors and a hero. Rest still has to be made/bought. Planning to use the army list as a guide to building my army

Models I have waiting to be build:

- Goblins from skull pass for hobbos (60 total I think)

- BFSP cannon (earthshaker perhaps)

- Rest of BFSP dwarfs

- couple o dwarf warrior boxes

- 2x bolt thrower

Advice for changing list into something more efficient will be appreciated. Still have a lot to learn about playing the game.

Alan the evil:

If you can find an eathsaker put it in: it is more performing than hobbos with bows.

When you can find 110 pt?

60 from hobbo with bows
20 takin off champion form warrior units
30 from a right count of BT pt: 2 BT are 60 pt, not 90

hope to be helpfull